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Master Regular Expressions in Python - 50 examples

Learn Regular Expressions (RegEX) from basic to advanced with 50 solved examples.

Created by Ashokkumar P, Last Updated 17-Dec-2019, Language:English

What Will I Get ?

  • Regular Expressions from Basic to Advanced
  • 50 solved examples step by step


  • Basic programming understanding


A to Z - Regular expressions (regex) using 50 unique examples - you can use it in any language like PHP, Javascript,Java

Unique characteristics of this course

1) 50+ step by step solved examples

2) Interview questions - solved with detailed explanations - This helps you to get your dream job

3) If you are having any queries you can post in Q&A, I will help you out in just 1 working day.

4) You can use the concepts in any programming language like PHP, Javascript, JAVA, Ruby, and so on.

This course will help the students to understand all the concepts of regular expression. In this course, the students will use Python programming language (No need to know the concepts of Python - As I will explain it step by step). After completing the course, the students will be able to apply the concepts of regular expressions in any programming languages.

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Ashokkumar P

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