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MASTER Redhat Openshift- The Container Orchestration

Created by Pranjal Srivastava, Last Updated 10-May-2021, Language:English

MASTER Redhat Openshift- The Container Orchestration

Learn most popular Container Orchestration tool Openshift to make deployment easy and fast with power of Kubernetes

Created by Pranjal Srivastava, Last Updated 10-May-2021, Language:English

What Will I Get ?

  • Learn the fundamental concepts of Openshift
  • Learn to build simple Openshift cluster with the help of okd minishift
  • Learn about minishift and oc commands
  • Learn to deploy application on openshift cluster
  • Learn to build High Availability, Scalable, Fault Tolerant applications
  • Learn about Replica Controller, Replica Sets, Deployment Config, Deployment, Volumes, Config map, Secrets and much more
  • Learn to do quick update and easy rollback


  • Minishift installed
  • Oracle Virtualbox installed
  • Have a Github and Redhat account(Optional)
  • Understands the basic concepts of containerization technology
  • Idea of linux commands will be good (Not mandatory)


This course is fully based on pragmatic approach without any kind of bogus content. A short, precise and practical oriented course for IT pros just like you.

In this learning track, you are going to learn about popular container orchestration tool, Openshift.

So what is Openshift?

Containerization enables companies to become more agile and scalable. Docker enables you to pack your code with required dependencies/lib to make your application to run anywhere. To manage docker containers or any container orchestration tool is used. Openshift is one of them.

Openshift is Kubernetes with some additional addons which makes Openshift more then K8s. It removes the complexity of Kubernetes into sorted manner.

To make you more confident with Openshift, this course is design in such a manner that will help you to build strong foundation and practically fit to deploy applications into it.

This tutorial covers topics like

  • Building single node cluster with Minishift

  • Creating multi cluster environment

  • Creating YAML file to deploy Pod, Replication Controller, Replica Set, Deployment, Deployment Config, ImageStream, Configmap, secrets and much more

  • Using Openshift web console to manage Pod, Replication Controller, Replica Set, Deployment Config, Deployment and much more.

  • Scaling the application according to workload

  • Creating high availability(HA) and auto scaling applications 

  • Creating projects and managing users

  • Accessing containers running inside pod

  • Debugging and monitoring running objects

  • Understanding all the commands of oc and Minishift

  • Using catalogue to build applications and much more.

Lectures backed by practical exercises makes it easy to understand without wasting time in doing troubleshooting. This is the only course that provides 90% practical hands on with 10% theory to support the topic.

Course Content

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