Master Laravel with Vue

Build a Complete Task Tracking System and Master Laravel with Vue

  Hafizullah Masoudi

   Development, Web Development, Vue JS

  Language - English

   Published on 04/2021



In this course you will learn from the basics to intermediate and then advance of Laravel with Vue.js. You will learn how to use Vue.js in Laravel to ease up your work.

You will learn what Laravel and MVC is, which means you will learn everything about model, view and controller and how it works. You will also learn everything about routes in Laravel and how to use them. You will completely learn everything about authentication and authorization in Laravel. We will build a complete task tracking system using Laravel and Vue.js in which I will cover almost everything you need to know to build any kind of web development project. From simple CRUD to Real-time functionalities. You will learn how to use Vue.js in Laravel and how to use it for real-time functionalities. You will learn to put the strong logic behind Laravel and Vue.js codes in any project you build with these powerful tools.

Task Tracking System is a system that can be used in any organization to manage their tasks and increase their efficiency. It has a complete admin panel to manage users, permissions, roles and departments. Using the system a user can assign tasks to other users under their privilege. A user can re assign a task also and break it into subtasks. It has a real-time commenting and notifications system.

  • Build a real-world project in Laravel 7

  • Master Laravel with Vue

  • Advance your skills in Laravel with Vue

  • Learn from basics to advance topics

  • Learn about CRUD functionalities

  • Learn Laravel authentication

  • Learn Laravel authorization

  • Learn everything you need to know to build any web project in any scale

  • Learn Laravel notifications

  • Learn Laravel mail

  • Learn about real-time with Laravel and Vue (coming soon...)

  • Build real-time commenting system (coming soon...)

  • Build real-time notifications (coming soon...)

  • Learn how to build a real-world complete task tracking system

  • Learn how to generate excel reports in Laravel

  • Learn how to print reports in Laravel

  • You will learn to use the templating engine Blade

  • Learn about Laravel eloquent relationships

  • You will learn how to use routes

  • You will learn about sessions

What Will I Get ?

  • Master Laravel with Vue
  • Be able to use Vue.js into your Laravel project for easing the functionalities
  • Be able to build any project on any scale using Laravel and Vue.js


  • Basic html and css knowledge
  • Basic php knowledge
  • Basic javascript knowledge
  • If you don't know about any of these, don't worry you will learn everything in this course
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