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Master Automation Testing with Java and Selenium Webdriver

Learn to Write Great Automation Tests with Selenium Webdriver and Java. Start Building Automation Testing Frameworks!

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What Will I Get ?

  • You will Learn Automation Testing the MODERN WAY - Step By Step - With 200 HANDS-ON Code Examples
  • You will Acquire ALL the SKILLS to demonstrate an EXPERTISE with Selenium and Java in Your Job Interviews
  • You will Solve a Wide Range of Hands-on Automation Testing EXERCISES with Java and Selenium
  • You will Learn to WRITE Great Automation Tests with Selenium and Java
  • You will Learn to SETUP New Automation Test Projects with JUNIT and TestNG
  • You will Learn to Create Basic Automation Test FRAMEWORKS
  • You will learn to use Selenium IDE and Katalon Studio to Record and Replay Automation Testing Scenarios
  • You will learn to setup new automation projects with Selenium, Web Driver, JUnit and TestNG Frameworks
  • You will learn some of the TestNG Advanced Features - XML Suite, Test Reports, Test Parameters and Parallel Execution
  • You will learn the basics of HTML, CSS and XPath
  • You will understand all Selenium Locators - By Id, By Name, By Link Text, By Partial Link Text, By Class, CSS Selectors and XPath Expressions
  • You will learn to play with Form Elements - Text, TextArea, CheckBox , Radio Button, Select Box and Multi Select Box
  • You will learn to write automation test for wide range of scenarios - Playing with Windows, Modal Windows (Sleep, Implicit Wait and Explicit Waits), Alert Boxes, Window Handles and New Browser Window Launches, Frames, Taking Screenshots, Executing JavaScr
  • You will learn to Set up Automation Testing Frameworks for Form Elements, Tables and Cross Browser Testing
  • You will learn to write Data Driven Tests with Data Providers, CSV and Excel Spreadsheets
  • You will learn to implement Page Object Model for a Complex Automation Test Scenario
  • You will learn to parallelize and scale up Automation Tests with Selenium Standalone and Grid


  • You should have the ability to learn while having fun!
  • Connectivity to Internet to download various tools listed below
  • We will help you install Selenium IDE, Katalon Studio, Brackets, Java, NodeJs and Eclipse.
  • Oracle Solaris or 64 bit Microsoft Windows or Linux or macOS
  • Java 9+ does NOT work on 32 bit Microsoft Windows! You would need a 64 bit Microsoft Windows if you would want to use Windows.
  • We will help you download all needed dependencies using Maven and NPM


Zero Java Programming Experience? No Problem.

Zero Automation Experience? No Problem.

Do you want to become a Great Programmer with Java? Do you want to become a Great Automation Tester with Selenium? Do you want to learn to setup New Automation Test Projects with Junit, TestNG and Selenium Webdriver? Do you want to learn Creating Automation Test Frameworks?  Look No Further!

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