Master English Course | Full English Grammar From Scratch

Learn the English language from the basic level to advanced level.

Course Description

Hello Guys,

Welcome to Dan English Online, hope you are doing well.

Our vision is to teach the English language with utmost simplicity & solve complex English learning problems with our interactive approach.

Guys, this is not going to be any other English Course, we have come here with strong planning to teach you the English language from the basic level to the advanced level, so we are starting from zero at the very ground level.

Hence, for anyone who is looking to improve the English language or looking to cross-check everything from Zero, this course going to be perfect.

  • Our entire team has developed this course after months & months of immense effort & dedication.

  • You will find our entire course is very structured & scientifically designed so you can learn without feeling tired.

  • Our course content is straightforward & contains beautiful animations & graphics so you can remember & understand easily.

  • To explain big & complex topics, our sessions are divided into multiple short lectures; every lecture will enable you & take you to the next level.

  • We have already planned very well to offer you English learning on every topic such as Grammar, Pronunciation, Different Accents, Tips & Tricks and many more.

  • Guys, our structured & planned lectures will help you in learning English, the way you should be learning.

One more important thing guys, this whole English learning course would be regularly & frequently updated with more new content.

As explained, this course is well-designed but we all are human beings, at any point in time if you feel we might need to improve, you can feel free to contact us and share your feedback with us we will look into it sincerely.

And guys, please show your love, you are requested to rate & review this course based on your genuine experience.

See you soon.


  • Learn English from basic to advanced using our structured & scientifically designed course.
  • Not just learn but always remember English Grammar through a unique teaching style using animation and graphics.
  • Be able to solve complex English learning problems with our interactive approach.
  • Learn perfect pronunciation, tips & tricks.


  • You just need to be able to understand basic verbal English.
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  • Introduction
  • Consonants & Vowels | Level 1 Lecture 1
  • A, An & Noun in English | Level 1 Lecture 2
  • Singular and plural nouns | Level 1 Lecture 3
  • Subjective Pronouns | Level 1 Lecture 4
  • Subjective Pronouns + Be Verb & Contractions | Level 1 Lecture 5
  • Subjective Pronouns & Be & Not | Level 1 Lecture 6
  • Be Verb Pronoun Questions | Level 1 Lecture 7
  • This and that use in English | Level 1 Lecture 8
  • These those use | Level 1 Lecture 9
  • Possessive adjectives in English | Level 1 Lecture 10
  • Possessive Pronouns | Level 1 Lecture 11
  • Facts About Articles & Noun: A, An, The | Level 1 Lecture 12
  • Prepositions: In, On, Under - It is under the tree. | Level 1 Lecture 13
  • Basics Adjective | Level 1 Lecture 14
  • Have and has conversation | Level 1 Lecture 15
  • Don't doesn't have question | Level 1 Lecture 16
  • Do does have has questions | Level 1 Lecture 17
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Master English Course | Full English Grammar From Scratch
This Course Includes
  • 2.5 hours
  • 33 Lectures
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  • Language English
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