Master C# 8 Features

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Master C# 8 Features

Learn all the new features and small enhancements added to C# 8 with easy examples

updated on icon Updated on Sep, 2023

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Course Description

The next major version of C# is officially released which is C# 8.0. We were expecting it for quite some time, we had the chance to learn all the minor features and enhancements included in C# 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3, and I can say I am quite excited about the new capabilities Microsoft keep adding to C#.

In this course we will be discussing the new features and enhancements of C# 8 with easy to follow examples to make you understand what each feature is about.

Please notice that this is not not a complete guide for C# language itself, this course covers only the features and enhancements in C# 8.

In this course we tried to break each feature down one by one for you each in a separate video with enough examples to illustrate the functionality of each feature.

But I have to mention that this course is not for someone who is looking to learn C# from the beginning or and not for a beginner as we will be covering some advanced features that requires some prior knowledge of C# in order to proceed without a problem, and from my side I will try to relate to any topic that you should be aware of to totally understand each feature functionality because some features are already based on an existing features in C#.

After finishing all the features and enhancements the course will present and explain important concepts such as .NET Core, .NET Framework .NET Standard, the differences between them what is a BCL what is MONO, topics that anyone looking to master C# should be aware of.

So what are you waiting for....let's start!


What will you learn in this course:

  • Implementing default interface methods

  • Working with nulls in C# 8

  • How to use null-coalescing assignment operator

  • Understand work of IDisposable interface

  • Make use of using declaration

  • Trying disposable ref structs

  • Building new switch expressions

  • Using property patterns to match on properties

  • Using tuple like patterns on switch statements

  • Learn how to use deconstruction methods

  • Understanding and working with positional patterns

  • Readonly Members

  • Static Local Functions

  • Asynchronous Streams

  • Verbatim Interpolated Strings

  • Using hat operator

  • Working with new range operator


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • Student needs to know basics of C# before enrolling in this course.
Master C# 8 Features


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

C# 8
19 Lectures
  • play icon Introduction to the course 01:42 01:42
  • play icon Default Interface Methods 07:30 07:30
  • play icon Working with nulls in C# 8 07:56 07:56
  • play icon Null-coalescing Assignment Operator 03:00 03:00
  • play icon Using Declaration 06:47 06:47
  • play icon Disposable ref structs 03:34 03:34
  • play icon Switch Expressions 05:34 05:34
  • play icon Property Patterns 11:25 11:25
  • play icon Tuple Patterns 09:36 09:36
  • play icon Positional Patterns 05:40 05:40
  • play icon Readonly Members 02:24 02:24
  • play icon Static Local Functions 05:11 05:11
  • play icon Asynchronous Streams 08:52 08:52
  • play icon Verbatim Interpolated Strings 10:39 10:39
  • play icon Index/Hat Operator 05:27 05:27
  • play icon Range 07:30 07:30
  • play icon C# Version History 16:46 16:46
  • play icon Summary 04:34 04:34
  • play icon Epilogue 01:18 01:18

Instructor Details

Ahmad Mohey

Ahmad Mohey

Hello there! My name is Ahmad Mohey I'm a senior full stack developer. I have been developing applications for the last 10 years and I hope more years of creative developing to come. I have been developing applications for oil and gas industry and the financial and human resources departments for many companies.

I love to learn about new technologies and what’s new in the world of development as it’s growing rapidly, I love to help people learn and solve their problems. I believe, we all shall share our knowledge and pass it to each others.

The path to become a developer or a programmer is never easy but it is not that hard, You just need to keep going and do not quit and always think of any skill you have now, remember that you did not master it from the first time, you had to keep trying to master it.

Far from the software world I love photography and you can check my photographs on my page on facebook or 500px website, I am passionate about learning management and emotional intelligence and I attended many courses about management, negotiations and leadership.

I love traveling a lot,I love to see new places, cities, countries, cultures and people if I were to choose one thing to continue doing the rest of my life I would choose traveling. 

One last thing and I think it might be relevant for me being a developer, is that I love computer games maybe that’s why I love programming :) . I hope one day I will make my own games.

Finally thanks for your time reading about me.

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