The Complete Chakra Healing Course - ACCREDITED CERTIFICATE

person icon Prof Krishna N Sharma

The Complete Chakra Healing Course - ACCREDITED CERTIFICATE

Evaluate and heal Chakras using energy, crystals, color therapy, music therapy, aromatherapy, reflexology, and mudras.

updated on icon Updated on Sep, 2023

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person icon Prof Krishna N Sharma

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Lectures -73

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Duration -1 hours


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Course Description

A complete masterclass guide from a beginner to advance. Learn how to diagnose and heal Chakras using energy, meditation, crystals, color therapy, music therapy, aromatherapy, reflexology, and mudras.

This course is designed, keeping in mind that you don't have any prior knowledge and understanding for Chakra and Kundalini; and you want to learn despite your busy schedule. So we have tried to avoid jargon as much as possible and simplified concepts and terminology for you.

This programme is accredited, and this TutorialsPoint course is recognized for certification by Virtued Academy International, an autonomous institute, under the Virtued Society, incorporated under the act 21, 1860 of the Government of U.P., India. Validity & Utility of the training is conditionally in conformity with the Constitution of India, and the laws of the land under Article 19 1 G. Virtued Academy International provides continuing education for individuals interested in self-development and students should contact the IAOTH, UK for registration/ accreditation and relevant local authorities for the scope of practice.

Learning Chakra Healing doesn't only helps you do healing, but also opens your mind to understand many other complex topics during any further studies in psychic mediumship development, psychic senses / Clairsenses e.g. Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Claircognizance, opening the third eye, balancing the chakras, Kundalini, psychic readings, aura reading, the skills of shaman/ shamanism (shamanic healing/ witchcraft or Wicca/ soul retrieval), communication with angels/ archangels (angelic communication and healing/ therapy); meditation and mindfulness; lucid dreaming, hypnosis/ self-hypnosis/ hypnotherapy, self-Acceptance/ self-love, self-esteem, attraction, likability, and radiate confidence through the spiritual law of attraction, spiritual personality development or personal development and spiritual soft skills, business communication skills, public speaking, self presentation skills and social skills; tantra / tantric sex, astral projection / astral travel / Out-of-Body Experience (OBE), do forest bathing or Shinrin-Yoku and build nature connection for nonverbal communication i.e. telepathy, plant/human/animal communication, mind reading / mentalism / mentalist (without doing magic tricks), and lie detection; seeing past, future and manifestation; karmic or akashic records, karma, intuition development, remote viewing, consciousness, spirituality, spiritual coach / coaching, life coach / coaching, spiritual healing, energy healing, spiritual quantum physics or metaphysics, mystic philosophy (mysticism), crystal healing, color therapy/ colour therapy, hoodoo and conjure, past lives, past life regression, Tarot card reading, Angel card reading, Oracle card reading, and dowsing or divining rods etc. After understanding the Reiki concepts, you will also be able to relate the core concepts behind the miracles in the present and mentioned in the history/ mythology of all religion e.g. Hinduism/ Mahabharata, Buddhism, Islam / Quran, Christianity/ Bible, Judaism/ Kabbalah etc.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to become a Kundalini and Chakra Practitioner / Healer/ Therapist to help oneself and others.


What will you learn in this course:

  • All about Kundalini and Chakras

  • Diagnosis of weak Chakras

  • Hand Mudra Yoga to Balance Chakras

  • Crystals Healing to Balance Chakras

  • Meditation to Balance Chakras

  • Aromatherapy to Balance Chakras

  • Color Therapy to Balance Chakras

  • Music Therapy to Balance Chakras

  • Reflexology to Balance Chakras

  • Life Goal Setting to Balance Chakras


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • None

The Complete Chakra Healing Course - ACCREDITED CERTIFICATE


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

Basics of Kundalini and Chakras
2 Lectures
  • play icon Programme Overview 01:45 01:45
  • play icon Introduction to Kundalini and Chakras 03:33 03:33
All About Root Chakra (a.k.a. Base Chakra or Muladhara Chakra)
10 Lectures
All About Sacral Chakra (a.k.a. Svadhistana Chakra)
10 Lectures
All About Solar Plexus Chakra (a.k.a. Manipura Chakra)
10 Lectures
All About Heart Chakra (a.k.a. Anahata Chakra)
10 Lectures
All About Throat Chakra (a.k.a. Vishuddha Chakra)
10 Lectures
All About Third Eye Chakra (a.k.a. Brow/ Ajna Chakra)
10 Lectures
All About Crown Chakra (a.k.a. Sahasrara Chakra)
10 Lectures
1 Lectures

Instructor Details

Prof Krishna N Sharma

Prof Krishna N Sharma

Bestselling Author, Educator, Researcher, World Record Holder

Prof. Krishna N. Sharma – the youngest Vice-Chancellor in the world is 8 times world record holder educator, researcher and prolific author with 35+ best-sellers out of his more than 140 published books. Students in his courses are from 180 countries (over 92% of countries in the world) and are speakers of more than 50+ languages.

He is a TEDx speaker and teaches health, wellness and spirituality for life transformation.

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