Strategic Planning Masterclass

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Strategic Planning Masterclass

Mini MBA & Business Plan: Business Plan Coaching to enhance Business Management & Business Writing

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Course Description

Welcome to the Strategic Planning Masterclass Course - which will enable you to understand Business Strategy to MBA level AND create a comprehensive Business Plan simultaneously as you take the course.  Everything you need is here teaching you Business Plan writing with our detailed template.  A comprehensive easy to follow course to improve your Business management.

Discover Business Strategy to MBA standard - from an MBA (with Distinction from Cass Business School, London) - and simultaneously create a comprehensive Business Plan guided by an award winning 30 year London Investment Banker.

I guarantee that this is a unique course: the only course that teaches you Business Strategy and shows you how to create your Business Plan - at the same time!  The 21 Assignments in this course draw on John's unique experience, including bespoke strategic exercises of his own which you will not see anywhere else.  Step by Step following the incredibly detailed Business Plan template, John will guide you to apply the Business Strategy lessons to create your Business Plan. These will help any students of all levels and in any industry. 

This course has over 160 lectures, over 14 and a half hours of detailed instructional video and nearly 180 downloadable materials (available from a dropbox link you will find at the start of the course).  Despite its complexity, John has created a detailed course matrix for you to use to navigate through the course and understand the synthesis of Business Strategy 2 Business Plan.  There are over 20 Assignments to make the course fun and highly interactive.  The 2 Quizzes will challenge you too!  Every section has an introductory video explaining the learning objectives and lessons in that section.

Following 8 years as a British Army Officer, John started his 30 year+ investment banking career in 1988 and since then he has floated companies, bought and sold companies in M&A deals, raised capital from Venture Capital and Private Equity.  John was awarded the Tallow Chandler's Prize for the Best Dissertation in his year when graduating with his MBA (with Distinction) in 1993 from Cass Business School in London.  John has transacted deals worth well over $1billion in his career as a senior Investment Banker for Westdeutschelandesbank, Societe General and Security Pacific Hoare Govett.  He has also co-founded two London Investment Banking Boutiques.  In his career, John has advised dozens of companies on their Business Strategy as well as reading (and writing for his clients) hundreds of Business Plans.  In addition, John has two degrees (BA and MA) from Cambridge University. 

In this Course you will discover:

  • The connections between Business Strategy, Corporate Strategy and your Business Plan

  • Understand the main frameworks for Strategic Analysis and be able to complete a SWOT Analysis

  • Discover some of the Key Strategic Business Models taught at Business School, providing you with a toolbox of frameworks to apply to your Business Strategy formulation

  • Learn to think critically about the role of Management and their skills

  • How to create a competitive advantage for Products and Services

  • Use classic business models to evaluate your Competition

  • How to conduct an industry wide analysis of your Markets and Competitors

  • Review your business's Operations, with a close eye on Customer Management

  • Use my templated scorecards to do a SWOT analysis on your own business

  • The importance of your Customers and your Customer Value Proposition

  • Frameworks to maximise your return from your investment in Sales and Marketing

  • How to transform your online Digital Business Strategy

  • Understand the three main financial Statements, the Income Statement or Profit and Loss Account, the Balance Sheet and the Cash Flow Statement and how they fit together.

  • To understand the key Financial Ratios that apply to the Income Statement, the Balance Sheet and the Cash Flow Statement to enable you to interpret the financial information in these statements.

  • Use a real Case Study to analyse real financial information using Financial Ratio Analysis

  • Exercise to evaluate the achievability of your Strategic Goals when compared to your predicted rates of growth

  • Frameworks to incorporate Performance Management into your Business Strategy and Business Plan

  • Growth Strategies to help your Business Strategy execution, also incorporating your Business Plan

  • Understand what factors are important to your Investors, specifically Valuation, Funding, Exits and Returns

  • How to incorporate a Risk Assessment into your Planning

  • Finally we show you how to synthesise your complete Business Plan from the lessons, assignments and templates in the course

This course is COMPREHENSIVE and enables you to benefit from John's real world Investment Banking and Business Strategy experience.  NO ONE  ELSE has shown the experience required to create a course of this complexity and value, teaching you MBA level Business Strategy and showing you how to practically apply that knowledge in creating your Business Plan - in the same course at the same time.

I am totally confident that this course offers you a TOTALLY UNIQUE EXPERIENCE AND OPPORTUNITY and one which will enable you to create an amazing Business Plan while developing a deep understanding of Business Strategy.

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Best regards from us both

Joe and John

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in the Business Fundamentals of Business Strategy and creating a Business Plan
  • Any Entrepreneur or C Suite Director or Startup who wants to develop an in depth understanding of Business Strategy and discover how to apply that knowledge to creating a comprehensive Business Plan
  • Any Business Student or MBA Student seeking to deepen their Business Strategy and Business Plan knowledge and expertise.
  • Any Company Owner who needs to prepare a Business Plan in order to attract investors and raise capital


What will you learn in this course:

  • Discover the Business Fundamentals of Business Strategy and the Business Plan and how the two inter-connect
  • Discover the main strategic analysis frameworks and discover how to complete a SWOT analysis
  • Be introduced to some of the key Business Models taught in Business School, providing a toolbox of frameworks to use when formulating Business Strategy
  • Understand how to critically appraise Management
  • Find out how to create a Competitive Advantage for your Products and Services
  • Understand your Competition and use some classic Business Models to appraise them
  • How to evaluate your External Markets and Industry Sector
  • Use the Business Model Canvas and other frameworks to assess your Business's operations
  • Use my Six Minute Strategist Templated Scorecards to SWOT analyse your Business
  • Understand the Customer Value Proposition and how to apply it to your Business
  • Apply some Business School frameworks to your Sales and Marketing
  • Discover my Six Minute Strategist Digital Business Transformation methodology
  • Understand the three main Financial Statements, Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow
  • Discover how Financial Ratio Analysis can improve your understanding of Financial Statements
  • Use my Case Study to analyse real financial information using Ratio Analysis
  • Complete my Six Minute Strategist Analyser Assignment to evaluate the achievability of your future strategy
  • Discover SMART goal setting and the OKR framework to understand Goal Setting and Performance Management
  • Review a wide selection of Growth Strategies to identify those most suitable for your Business
  • Understand the key Valuation, Funding, Exit and Returns factors most important to your potential investors
  • Discover how to carry out a Risk Assessment on your Business


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • Students do not need an prior knowledge or experience. This course is applicable to any country and any industry sector
  • While no excel skills are required, there are some spreadsheets providing information which will require opening with excel or a compatible programme (numbers, libra office)
Strategic Planning Masterclass


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

7 Lectures
  • play icon Course Introduction 02:27 02:27
  • play icon Quickfire Strategy Quiz How much do you know about your business strategy? 02:18 02:18
  • play icon Quickfire Strategy Quiz - My "Answers" 09:49 09:49
  • play icon How to get the most from this Course 08:51 08:51
  • play icon Using the Course Map Matrix 06:14 06:14
  • play icon Guide to the Course Assignments 03:47 03:47
  • play icon Download All Course Materials Here 02:34 02:34
BUSINESS FUNDAMENTALS: Connecting Business Strategy to the Business Plan
7 Lectures
BUSINESS FUNDAMENTALS: The Value of Strategic Analysis
6 Lectures
BUSINESS FUNDAMENTALS: Frameworks and Theories Business Strategists Must Know
14 Lectures
4 Lectures
7 Lectures
7 Lectures
EXTERNAL STRATEGIC ANALYSIS - Industry, Markets and Competition
11 Lectures
INTERNAL STRATEGIC ANALYSIS - Operations and Customer Management
9 Lectures
Six Minute Strategist SWOT Assignment
2 Lectures
9 Lectures
9 Lectures
10 Lectures
FINANCE - Understanding Financial Statements
9 Lectures
FINANCE: Strategic Financial Analysis
6 Lectures
FINANCE: Financial Analysis - Case Study and Assignment
7 Lectures
Future Business Strategy Analyser Assignment
2 Lectures
8 Lectures
9 Lectures
10 Lectures
Risk Assessment
2 Lectures
9 Lectures
Summary and Wrap Up
2 Lectures

Instructor Details

John Colley

John Colley

John is a best selling online instructor, investment banker, international speaker and entrepreneur, whose eLearning courses have been featured on Forbes, The Economist and many other professional platforms.


Over a City of London Investment Banking Career of nearly 30 years, John, the Founder of Six Minute Strategist Consulting, has been teaching over 75,000 students on Udemy since 2013.

In his City career John has:

** Floated  companies on the London Stock Exchange

** Worked on British Government Privatisations

** Advised on Hostile Takeovers

** Originated a $300m acquisition in the Far East for a European cement company

** Originated deals for Private Equity Firms

** Raised capital for dozens of Technology companies from Start Ups to Mid Sized companies

** In Mergers and Acquisitions, sold public and private companies

** Worked closely with a wide range of Venture Capital and Private Equity Firms

** Founder and helped managed two Investment Banking Boutiques in London

With two degrees from Cambridge University (Bachelors and Masters), an MBA with Distinction from Cass Business School, John also graduated from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (the UK's West Point) as an Army Officer. His MBA Dissertation won the Tallow Chandler's Prize for the Best MBA Dissertation in his graduating year 1993.

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