Excel Introduction

Get started with Microsoft Excel, Excel for beginners

Course Description

In this course, you will learn how to navigate around the Excel opening screen and enter simple data. The tutorials explain how to add and adjust data within a cell. The first section covers how to create a basic spreadsheet and use basic sums to summarize columns and rows. The second section covers how to use some of the more common functions to interrogate columns and rows. Following on from the sums the tutorial dives into Excel's database features such as sorting and filtering. Excel is a great tool for creating and manipulating charts and graphs, the video examples cover the basics. Linking sheets and workbooks see Excel come into its own, automating processes, and updating records seamlessly. The last section covers how to get to grips with conditional formatting, automatically coloring cells based on trigger data.

The course topics are listed below:

  • Use the Excel Default Screen
  • Understanding Excel Worksheets/Workbooks
  • How to Navigating an Excel Workbook
  • How to Enter Data into an Excel worksheet
  • How to Selecting Cells within an Excel worksheet
  • How to Editing Data in an Excel worksheet
  • How to Format Excel Cells to display Dates, Percentages, Currency, etc
  • How to use the AutoSum/Average/Max/Min functions in Microsoft Excel
  • Understand how to use Basic Sums in Microsoft Excel
  • Understanding Mathematical Precedence
  • How to Copy and Paste Data in Microsoft Excel
  • Using the Auto Fill Feature in Microsoft Excel
  • Saving a Workbook in Microsoft Excel
  • How to format a Spreadsheet using the Borders Feature and format Cells in Microsoft Excel
  • How to create Charts using the ribbon in Microsoft Excel
  • How to Format Charts in Microsoft Excel
  • Hiding Columns in Microsoft Excel Moving Columns/Inserting Columns in Microsoft Excel
  • Using Database Filters in Microsoft Excel


  • How to use basic sums, functions and layout features
  • How to create and format charts
  • How to use filters and sort data
  • How to link sheets and files together
  • How to password-protect a sheet and parts of a sheet


  • This is the basic level there are no prerequisites
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Excel Introduction
This Course Includes
  • 2.5 hours
  • 12 Lectures
  • 14 Resources
  • Completion Certificate Sample Certificate
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  • Language English
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