Macavity: The Mystery Cat

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The poet of this poem T.S. Eliot shows a playful attitude in this poem and he is very fond of cats. This poem talks about the cat Macavity, who is portrayed as a criminal. The cat disobeyed all the laws and orders of its masters. The flying squad is running after the cat and fails to catch the cat all the time because he is faster compared to them. Macavity can also float in the air and he does not need support for this, as it is a special cat.

The recognition of this cat is very easy as it is thin and tall. The skin of this cat is full of dust because it is ignorant of the treatment of his skin. It can sway its head like snakes and it becomes alert all the time but any person can think that the cat is sleeping. Generally, people can find him on street as well as on squares but if the people try to punish him then the cat is not seen anywhere in street.

Macavity is portrayed in this poem as a fictional character. The cat depicts all types of actions of a crook in this poem. It is seen here like a spy along with a notorious criminal and a trickster who likely disobeys all types of laws. It has a genuine mastermind and leaves any clues after committing a crime. Even the “Scotland Yard Police” feels helpless to catch them. The cat has some supernatural as well as magical power that helps him to get rid of all problems. The cat is a unique character that is an incarnation of all types of evil.

Macavity - The Cat

Macavity, the protagonist of this poem is a type of mysterious character that is not like a cat in reality. Generally, the cat has seen in streets as well as a square but if anyone tries to punish him the cat cannot be seen anywhere in streets as well as a square.

The character of the cat is likely fictional that is like a figment of the imagination of the poet. The poet believes that the actions of the cat resemble a criminal who is defying all the laws. According to the poet, the cat is a trickster who is captivated never by the “Scotland Yard Police”.

Macavity refers to a mysterious ginger cat in this poem. The appearance of this cat is very tall with a thin body and the eyes of the cat are sunken. The eyebrow of this cat is deeply lined with thought and its head of it is highly domed. The skin of the cat s coated with a layer of dust and the whiskers of the cat are uncombed because of negligence. The cat can sway its head side by side and it is able to make a movement like a snake. He is always in a resting phase but he is always careful. Other people may think that the cat is half asleep but it is always awake widely.

“A cat, I am sure, could walk on a cloud without coming through. (Jules Verne) - Which law is Macavity breaking in light of the comment above?

Macavity, the mischievous cat who makes several mischief’s and breaks all types of laws on the gravity in the phase of light in the provided statement. This statement implies that it is very difficult for tracing the mysterious character as after he commits his crime, he instantly leaves the place. This is the reason; the police of Scotland cannot find the cat in that place.

The poet calling the cat Macavity - a fiend and monster

It has seemed that the poet is likely fond of cats and genuinely admires Macavity in the time of defining all types of laws. The poet supports the cat when he manages for escaping from the hand of the police each time. The mysterious as well as devil-like eyes of the cat might have a great influence on the poet for creating it as an evil character who is corrupt as well as wicked in feature.

The poet T.S. Eliot has used several exaggerations throughout this poem like defiance’s of the cat of the gravitational law. The poet mentioned a term like “a friend in feline shape and a monster of depravity” in the poem to describe the cat’s features. He has mentioned that “Scotland Yard Police” along with the Flying Squad are unable to catch the cat. All the exaggerations prove that the character of Macavity is monstrous as well as mysterious like an evil criminal.


Q1. Why is Macavity called a mysterious cat?

Ans. The poet indicates Macavity is called a mysterious cat in this poem, as it is not generally found after committing a crime. Besides this, the cat always leaves the spot immediately before the “Scotland Yard Police” caught him.

Q2. What is the message provided through this poem?

Ans. The main theme of this poem is criminality as the poem and the cat is compared to criminals. Macavity used to draw a particular comparison to all types of criminal activities as well as elements.

Q3. What is strange about Macavity?

Ans. The cat is thin and tall in appearance. The outlook of this cat is strange as well as unusual and the head of this cat is highly domed. The cat can sway its head like a snake and its eyes are sunken. The forehead of this cat displays that it is always in deep thought.

Updated on: 05-Jan-2023


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