Locomotion and Movement

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Locomotion and Movement

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Course Description

A captivating lesson of human anatomy which includes different muscles, bones, joints present in a human body etc. It also includes physiology mechanisms related to these topics like muscle contraction, cori’s cycle, muscle fatigue etc. These videos will not only provide information regarding locomotion and movement but also help to increase the curiosity to learn among learners of biology.


These videos are beneficial for students who are preparing for class XI and NEET. Videos are made with an aesthetic appeal in such way that learning and understanding of subject will become simple and easy.

Locomotion and Movement


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

Locomotion and Movement
36 Lectures
  • play icon Movement and Locomotion 05:41 05:41
  • play icon Functional Classification of Body Muscles 04:45 04:45
  • play icon Antagonistic Muscle 03:52 03:52
  • play icon Cardiac Muscle 03:25 03:25
  • play icon Striated Muscle 05:08 05:08
  • play icon Smooth Muscle 04:37 04:37
  • play icon Difference Between Cardiac Smooth and Striated Muscles 04:20 04:20
  • play icon Light and Dark Band in Muscle 05:22 05:22
  • play icon Thick and thin Myofilaments 06:46 06:46
  • play icon Sliding Filament Theory 08:40 08:40
  • play icon Mechanism of Muscle Contraction 08:14 08:14
  • play icon Role of Calcium in Muscle Contraction 04:37 04:37
  • play icon Role of ATP in Muscle Contraction 06:16 06:16
  • play icon Muscle Fatigue 05:21 05:21
  • play icon Cori's Cycle 03:59 03:59
  • play icon Difference Between Red and White Muscle 06:09 06:09
  • play icon Skeletal System 03:55 03:55
  • play icon Type and Division of Skeletal System 04:22 04:22
  • play icon Bones of Arm 10:00 10:00
  • play icon Bones of Leg and Foot 04:46 04:46
  • play icon Pelvic Girdle vs Pectoral Girdle 02:57 02:57
  • play icon Skull Bones Cranium 04:44 04:44
  • play icon Pectoral Girdle 03:49 03:49
  • play icon Facial region,Hyoid,Ear Ossicles 04:39 04:39
  • play icon Skeletal and Muscular Disorders 06:50 06:50
  • play icon Types of Joints 07:00 07:00
  • play icon Bones of Ribs 05:24 05:24
  • play icon Male Skeleton v/s. Female Skeleton 04:47 04:47
  • play icon Bones of Pelvic girdle 06:16 06:16
  • play icon Ball and Socket Joint 02:42 02:42
  • play icon Ellipsoid Joint 02:43 02:43
  • play icon Hinge Joint 03:15 03:15
  • play icon Saddle Joint 03:06 03:06
  • play icon Bones of Vertebral Column 04:41 04:41
  • play icon Gliding Joint 03:15 03:15
  • play icon Pivot Joint 02:35 02:35

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