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  • The Final Analysis

    Uncover how to automatically generate a file size report that gives you an appreciation of you animation in terms of sizes of objects and bandwidth.
  • Importing Sounds and Images

    Learn some tips and techniques for optimal use of sounds and images in Flash.
  • Optimization of FLA files Overview

    A brief introduction into optimising your fla files for streaming and use on the web.
  • Optimizing a Flash Movie

    Want to create fast loading Flash movies. Essential skills for all Flash developers.
  • Loading External Images

    Learn how to create a Flash Movie which loads external images such as Jpegs or Gifs.
  • Preload External Flash Movies using Components

    In this preloader tutorial you will learn how to load an External Flash file into another Flash Movie using the Loader and Progress Bar Components.
  • Preloading External Flash Movies

    This preloader tutorial shows you how to load an external Flash file into another Flash file with a preloader.
  • Preload External Jpeg with Scroll Bars

    This preloader tutorial shows you how to load an external image in to the Flash file and use Scroll Bars to move the image.
  • Preloading External Jpegs

    If you wish to preload Jpeg images or Flash Movies which are stored outside the Flash file use this preloader tutorial.
  • How To Work With The Size Report

    In this video clip tutorial you will learn how to work with the Generate Size Report in Flash
  • Show the Current Frames Per Second

    This box can be dragged right into your movies to show the actual FPS your movie is currently running at.
  • Very advanced photo menu

    In this detailed lesson I will show you how to create very advanced and modern photo menu which you can use for any web site.
  • Menu Slide

    This tutorial will show you how to create a menu with a sliding rollover effect
  • Clean flash menu

    In this lesson I will explain to you how to create a cool clean and advanced website menu using the action script code.
  • Mouse Cursor Bubbles Particle Effect

    A tutorial that will show you how to create mouse cursor in form of bubbles particle effect. This is a new way to navigate your site.
  • Modern photo button with url

    In this Flash 8 lesson explained in extreme detail, I will show you how to create modern flash button with url using some photo.