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  • What Is a NAS Device Used for

    Generally, NAS device is used for file storage, file share and file backup. It can be divided into several kinds.
  • NAS Media Server for Different Usage

    NAS media server can be used for many kinds of usage, such as for home use, for business use, for media streaming, for Mac usage, etc.
  • What Is NAS Storage and How It Works

    NAS is network attached storage and it works as storage device in a system consisted by servers, clients, Ethernet switch and network-attached storage
  • how to partition c drive in windows 10

    How to partition c drive in windows 10 without formatting such as extend c drive and shrink C drive using Disk Management, Diskpart or 3rd party soft.
  • How Can I Extend My C Drive

    This article will introduce you several ways to increase size of C drive using AOMEI Partition Assistant, a reliable hard disk partition manager.
  • Increase Space in C Drive Using Disk Management

    How to increase space in c drive using disk management? First delete volume right behind partition C and then extend volume C with the free space.
  • Fix Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device Error

    This post shows how to fix Reboot and select proper boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key error in Windows.
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