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  • VBScript forms

    This page explains how to collect info from forms and validate them with VBScript server side.
  • Send email via ASP 3.0

    This script shows how to send an email via the CDONTS objects available to ASP 3.0.
  • ASP Form Input to HTML

    The author writes ASP has the ability to write .html or any other text based documents directly to a web server
  • Sending Email with ASP

    All good websites need to be able to send and recieve email. We will use ASP and CDONTS for this task.
  • Sending eMail in ASP

    This shows the basics of sending email using CDONTS. Example included.
  • Complete E-mail Validation

    If you use this code, with the changes suggested in the comments, you will be able to completely validate a submitted e-mail address.
  • Compact MDB database

    Two ways to compact (compress) MDB database directly from the ASP/VBS using DAO 3.5 or JRO (MDAC 2.1).