SSD Secure Erase Utility Restore SSD Advanced Performan


SSD secure erase utility helps you completely wipe your valuable SSD to restore its storage space and advanced performance without destroying its phys


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What Is SSD Secure Erase Utility?\r\nCrucial SSD secure erase utility is a kind of feature for completely wiping your valuable SSD to restore its storage space and advanced performance without destroying its physical structure and cutting its lifespan. Unlike common wipe or format, besides completely delete all the data on target hard disk and prevent them from being recovered by professional data recovery software, this function can also ensure the integrity of the disk structure. Therefore, the disk utility secure erase SSD will not shorten hard drive lifespan, at least not to a great degree.\r\n\r\nCompare Delete, Format, Wipe/Erase and Secure Erase\r\nDelete\r\n\r\n“Delete” is the most common way to remove data from a certain location. In Windows, if you delete a file from your desktop, it actually is removed to Recycle Bin. You can find the deleted file in Recycle Bin; you can also restore the file from Recycle Bin to its original place. If you further delete the file from Recycle Bin, then, you will not find it anywhere in your computer. Also, if you press “Shift” while deleting the file from desktop, it will directly be removed from this machine and you can’t find it even in Recycle Bin. Yet, even if you can’t find the removed file in your computer, it does not mean that it has been “completely delete” from your device. That is to say, it can be recovered by data recovery software.\r\n\r\nFormat vs Wipe/Erase\r\n\r\nTo “completely delete” data from your computer, you need to either format the hard drive or wipe/erase it. Yet, format pays more attention to the formats (file system, cluster size, etc.) of the drive partition while wipe/erase focuses on data removal of the whole disk or the whole partition. Actually, format removes data by changing the partition properties. While, wipe will remove data together with the formats of the partition or disk.\r\n\r\nWipe/Erase vs Secure Erase\r\n\r\nAs for HDD, just wipe/erase it will restore it to factory default performance (fast read and write speed etc.). But for SSD, whose logical and physical regions are not consistent, general erase will destroy its physical structure and will not achieve what you want. Therefore, secure erase is needed. Secure erase can completely remove all disk data, improve disk performance to factory state while protecting disk from hurting and ensuring lifespan.\r\n\r\nHow to Use SSD Wipe Utility?\r\nSSD secure erase utility comes from secure erase SSD software like AOMEI Partition Assistant. Its Standard Edition can be called secure erase freeware for it provides SSD wipe utility for free. The following will show you how to secure erase SSD with SSD wipe tool.\r\n\r\nStep 1. Download and install the AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition to your computer.\r\n\r\nStep 2. Open the SSD secure erase tool and select “SSD Secure Erase Wizard”.\r\n\r\nSSD Secure Erase Wizard\r\n\r\nNote: As described above, SSD secure erase utility will completely delete all the data on the hard drive. If there are some files you want to keep for yourself, just make a backup of them or move them to other safe place using “File Backup” feature of AOMEI Backupper Standard, another freeware of AOMEI Technology.\r\n\r\nStep 3. Pick out the SSD you want to erase.\r\n\r\nSelect SSD to Secure Erase\r\n\r\nStep 4. The information of the selected SSD will be displayed. If you accidently selected the wrong disk, you can identify it here and click “Back” and reselect the right one.\r\n\r\nSSD Frozen State\r\n\r\nIf the SSD is the right one but in frozen state, it cannot be erased. Then, you have to first hot swap it as required before you can perform secure erase to it. The following hot swap guides can unfreeze most hard disks. Please follow the steps in accordance in case of unpredictable errors.\r\n\r\n1. Open the host chassis cover. If it is a laptop, open the computer\\\'s rear cover or hard disk shell.\r\n\r\n2. Locate the solid state drive which is frozen.\r\n\r\n3. Unplug the SSD\\\'s power cable.\r\n\r\n4. Unplug the SATA data cable of the solid state disk.\r\n\r\n5. Then, reinsert the SATA data cable back to the hard drive\\\'s SATA port.\r\n\r\n6. Finally, connect the power cord back into the hard disk power connector. Thus, the hot swap operation complete.\r\n\r\nNote: Keep the machine power on and the secure erase freeware open while doing hot swap!\r\n\r\nAfter hot swap, usually, the target SSD will unfreeze. Then, you can continue with SSD secure wipe.\r\n\r\nSecure Erasing SSD\r\n\r\nStep 5. Usually, the secure erase will be completed in a few seconds and will not exceed 2 minutes. If the operation still works in progress after 2 minutes, please cancel the operation and try again. If it failed again, just contact AOMEI Tech support team for help.\r\n\r\nSSD Secure Erase Finish\r\n\r\nConclusion\r\nIsn’t is very easy to make use of SSD secure erase utility of secure erase freeware? For some brand SSDs, they have their own SSD secure erase tool, such as secure erase Samsung SSD magician, Intel SSD toolbox secure erase and SanDisk SSD toolkit secure erase. However, these built in SSD secure erase tools can only be applied to its own brand of SSDs, and is useless for other bards. Thus, we need AOMEI Partition Assistant such SSD wipe tool to erase all brand SSDs without limitation.\r\n\r\nNotes:\r\n\r\nLike all other SSD secure erase utility, SSD Secure Erase Wizard of Partition Assistant can only operate in Windows 7. If your OS is not Win7, just pull the SSD out and erase it in a Windows seven computer.\r\n\r\nThough secure erase will protect disk physical structure, carry out the operation too often will also do harm to the SSD.

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