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if someone want to make his/her site on the top of a googe or any search engine then you have to follow these simple and easy steps.


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Procedure of How To Do Search Engine Optimization:

The tips and techniques about search engine optimization through that one can make his/her website at top of search engines. Every possible procedure has been defined in this article that is beneficial for those websites that are ranked less by Google or other search engines. Different criteria of providing rank by different search engines have also been discussed. This section however covers almost every aspects regarding SEO.

Movies, Pictures Importance in Search Engines in SEO:

Images, pictures, movies, animated films and moving frames don't have any importance from SEO point of view. it looks fascinating from designer point of view but search engines did not consider them as a relevant material. The article reveals about how much images and movies must be used and in which format it should be displayed on a website.

Advance Techniques of Enhancing Traffic Through SEO:

If someone wants high traffic to his/her site then there are some other advance methods that are included in SEO. The traffic can be in large amount by submitting your site in search engines, search directories of other related sites, submitting site in forums, by submitting in specialized search engines and by posting links in paid aids. this sections relates about such techniques that are helpful in attaining high ranking in search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo etc.

Significance of Content in SEO:

Content plays an important role in SEO. It should be unique and should not contain redundant words. The content should be interesting in order to engage the reader because they are spending their time in reading your material. There is a similarity between search engine and a human that they never read your whole content. first they will see the categories. the article contains almost every information that which things play substantial role in writing a good content.

Selecting Right Keywords in SEO:

keywords plays substantial role in your website. you have to choose those keywords that best describe your website. You have to use appropriate keywords in your context containing at least five to 10 keywords but not more than that and avoid from redundant keywords. this article will tell you about importance of SEO at different places.

Importance of Meta Tags in SEO:

Meta tags are also a part of the SEO that is essential from SEO point of view. Meta tags describes your main theme of the context of your page or article. there are different types of Meta tags such as description, keywords and robot meta tags are discussed in this article.

Types of Backlinks in SEO:

There are two types of backllnks in SEO such as outbound and inbound links. you have to submit backlinks of your sites in other websites forums, directories and RSS feeds. you have to choose those sites or forums that are related to your site and there are also some sites that works on the exchange of backlinks that the search engine did not consider them. the detail is given in the article below.

Types of URL's in SEO:

There are two types of URL's in SEO i-e static URL's and dynamic YRL's. the importance of static URL's is more as compared to the dynamic URL's because indexing them in dynamic URL's is slow as compared to static URL's by the search engine when it crawls on your website. the detail is in the article below.

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