Review: Copy Cloud Storage Files With Reliable Service


Copy cloud drive storage files, folders, photos, videos, etc. within the same cloud or from one cloud to another assisted by professional service.


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What Is Copy Cloud Storage?\r\nCopy cloud storage refers to make a copy/backup of the files, folders, photos, pictures, videos, movies, docs, tables, and so on important work items or precious family memories. You can just create a duplicate of them in the same folder or different folder of the same cloud drive account; or, copy them to another account or another cloud service. For instances, copy from one Google Drive to another, copy from Dropbox to Google Drive, copy files from google drive to amazon cloud drive and copy Google Drive to OneDrive.\r\n\r\nWhy Need to Copy Cloud Files?\r\nJust like dealing with local storage, people nowadays with much stronger data security consciousness will always make at least one copy of their crucial data in case of data loss due to accidents like hijack/virus attacks, network crashes, cloud server collapse, etc. Or, they may need to copy cloud files for other reasons like share something with families and close friends. Anyway, it is a large need to copy cloud storage now.\r\n\r\nHow to Copy Cloud Drive Storage?\r\nWhen it comes to cloud storage copy, the first way comes into most users’ mind is to directly copy in cloud drive just like in Windows Explorer. This method is feasible but with limitations; I will elaborate in the following content.\r\n\r\nSome experienced users will think about copy cloud storage service or copy cloud storage app. That’s the point! Cloud drive copy software enables users to copy files in cloud not only within the same cloud, but also copy from one cloud to another even another cloud drive.\r\n\r\nCopy within the Same Cloud\r\nIf you just want to make a copy of target file to the same cloud, in general, you can just rely on the copy function provided by cloud drive itself.\r\n\r\nGoogle Cloud Copy Files\r\n\r\nIf you are using GDrive, you can directly right click on target file and select “Make a copy”. Then, it will automatically create a copy of the file in the same location.\r\n\r\nGoogle Drive Make a Copy\r\n\r\nTips: If you want to make a copy and save it to different location, such as another folder, but in the same cloud drive account, you can first make a copy like above in the same location, then move either the original file or the copy to the target location.\r\n\r\nCopy Dropbox Files\r\n\r\nIf you are a Dropbox user, you can check the little box before target file and use “Ctrl + C” of the keyboard to copy it. Then, just “Ctrl + V” to create a copy in the same place.\r\n\r\nIf you want to save the copy in another folder, go to the destination folder and click “Ctrl + V”. Or, on the More (three dots) icon at the end of the target file and choose “Copy”.\r\n\r\nDropbox Copy\r\n\r\nIn the pop up window, choose a destination folder and click “Copy”. Then, when it finishes, you will see the copy of target file in the destination.\r\n\r\nDropbox Copy to\r\n\r\nOneDrive Copy Files\r\n\r\nAs for OneDrive, tick on the top right of target file and click “Copy to” on the top banner, or, just right click to select “Copy to”.\r\n\r\nOneDrive Copy to\r\n\r\nIn the pop up window on the right, choose an already existed folder or create a new folder as destination.\r\n\r\nOneDrive Copy to Destination\r\n\r\nCopy from One Cloud to Another\r\nThe above talks about copy cloud storage within the same cloud account. If you want to copy cloud drive to different cloud account or different cloud brand, I’m afraid that the cloud service itself can’t help. Thus, you have to rely on third party copy cloud storage service like MultCloud, a web-based free multiple-cloud manager.\r\n\r\nCreate MultCloud Account\r\n\r\nTo make use of MultCloud, unlike common third party software, you don’t have to download and install its app on your device; you just need to create an account of it.\r\n\r\nAdd Google Drive and Dropbox to MultCloud\r\n\r\nAfter creating MultCloud account, you should add related cloud drives into its platform. In Add Clouds tab, choose the cloud drive you want to add and follow the guidance.\r\n\r\nAdd Dropbox\r\n\r\nTips: You can only add one cloud in one time.\r\n\r\nCopy from Google Drive to Dropbox\r\n\r\nWhen all related cloud drives are successfully added, you can start to copy files from one cloud to another. Here, take copy from Google Drive to Dropbox for example.\r\n\r\nIn Cloud Explorer tab, choose Google Drive in the left menu. Then, right click target file and select “Copy to”.\r\n\r\nMultCloud Copy to\r\n\r\nIn the pop up window, specify a folder in Dropbox as destination. Or, you can just copy to Dropbox main directory. Finally, click “Transfer” button on the lower right.\r\n\r\nCopy to Dopbox\r\n\r\nTips:\r\n\r\nIf you don’t want to keep the source file in source location, you can tick “Move” on the lower left to directly migrate target file to destination.\r\nIf you want to create multiple copies and save them in different clouds, just tick “Multi-selection” and specify the destinations.\r\nOr, right click target file and choose “Copy” in GDrive. Then go to Dropbox, right click on any blank space and select “Paste”. This can also copy files from Google Drive to Dropbox.\r\n\r\nDropbox Paste\r\n\r\nOr, the most direct and easiest way is to drag target file from source cloud to destination cloud.\r\n\r\nDrag File from Google Ddrive to Dropbox\r\n\r\nTips: The Cloud Transfer feature of MultCloud can also achieve files copy from one cloud to another, you can check it out by yourself. I won’t elaborate here.\r\n\r\nSummary and Verdict\r\nI believe above methods solve most cloud users’ needs. As you can see, MultCloud is a powerful and wonderful program to copy cloud storage between/among different clouds. Of course, it can copy files within the same cloud and is more flexible than the built in features provided by cloud services. Besides, MultCloud can sync files between cloud drives in one-way or two-way, backup data from one cloud storage to another, manage multiple cloud accounts in one platform, etc. The most exciting thing is that it is completely free of charge; of course if you want to enjoy more advanced features and better experience you can pay for its premium plan.

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