Remote URL Files Upload Free to Google Drive, Dropbox


Remotely upload URL files to Google Drive, Dropbox, Mega, etc. cloud drive storages using free cloud file transfer service MultCloud.


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What is Remote URL File Upload?\r\nRemote URL file upload refers to upload files/folders (usually to cloud drive storages such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Mega, Amazon, etc.) via a URL link generated when someone else shares the file to his families, friends, colleagues or other people.\r\n\r\nWhen one of your friend shares a photo stored in his cloud account to you with a URL link, if you want to save the photo in your own Dropbox account, you can rely on remote URL upload to Dropbox to achieve your purpose.\r\n\r\nHow to Remote Upload File via URL to Cloud Storages?\r\nJust as mentioned above, there is need to do remote URL file upload. Then, how to do it?\r\n\r\nIn general, it is easy and fast to remote URL upload to mega, etc. cloud drive storages. Yet, you need an application, or actually a kind of cloud file upload service to help you complete this task. The recommended such service is MultCloud – a cloud file upload/download, transfer/migration/move, sync/backup program.\r\n\r\nRemote URL Upload Free – MultCloud\r\nTo make use of this free remote URL file upload app, there is no need to download and install it on your computer for it is a web-based software; you only need to sign up to create an account of it. Then, you can enjoy its powerful and stable functions free of charge!\r\n\r\nIn the following, I will take Google Drive for example to show you how to remote URL upload to Google Drive.\r\n\r\nStep 1. After successfully creating an account of MultCloud, in its program web page, in the default Cloud Explorer tab, click “Add Cloud Drives” in the left menu and then choose “Google Drive” in the right cloud drive list. Or, directly select “Google Drive” in Add Clouds tab.\r\n\r\nAdd Google Drive\r\n\r\nStep 2. Click “Add Google Drive Account” to confirm your action. In case you do not have any Google account yet, you can create one here also.\r\n\r\nGive Google Drive Authorization\r\n\r\nStep 3. It will ask for your permission to let MultCloud get access to your Google Drive account. Just allow it to continue.\r\n\r\nAllow Access to Google Drive\r\n\r\nTips:\r\n1. MultCloud Security Guarantee:\r\nWebsite connect and data transfer using 256-bit AES encryption for SSL.\r\nDoes not save or cache your data and files on our servers.\r\nAccess cloud drives with OAuth authorization and does not save your password.\r\n2. If you currently have more than one Google Accounts signed in, it will first let you choose one of them to continue with cooperation with Multcloud before asking for your access permission.\r\nChoose a Google Account\r\n\r\nStep 4. Finally, you can view GDrive in your MultCloud.\r\n\r\nStep 5. Choose the just added Google Drive in the left menu in Cloud Explorer tab or Add Clouds tab. Then, click on “Upload” button on the upper left.\r\n\r\nGoogle Drive Upload\r\n\r\nStep 6. In the pop up window, click “Upload URL” in the bottom left.\r\n\r\nGoogle Drive Upload URL\r\n\r\nStep 7. In the next pop up small window, paste the URL link shared by your friends into the first column and specify the file name of your own in the second column. Then click “OK”.\r\n\r\nSpecify URL and File Name\r\n\r\nNote: The extension name of the file name should be the same with its original form. Otherwise, the file may not be opened properly when it is saved to your cloud account.\r\n\r\nStep 8. It should be finished in a few seconds if the file is not too large. You can view the task by clicking the little icon on upper right – URL Tasks. In the pop up window, you can view the status of the task is success. You can also see the size of the file there and delete it from your Google Drive if you feel like you have no need to keep it.\r\n\r\nURL Tasks\r\n\r\nTo make sure the file is successfully uploaded to Google Drive, you can go to GDrive in MultCloud or GDrive in website to see whether the file is there or not.\r\n\r\nRemote Upload to Google Drive Success\r\n\r\nFile in Google Drive\r\n\r\nTips: If you can’t see the file in your Google Drive, just take your patience and wait for a little longer until the task finishes or refresh the browser to see again. If the file still does not exist, just try again.\r\n\r\nMore about MultCloud\r\nAs a cloud storage management service, MultCloud will sure meet almost all your needs. Besides upload file via URL explained above, it can also transfer/migrate/move/copy files from one cloud to another, sync files/folders between different cloud drives; as for basic cloud file management, it can upload/download files from/to local devices, create/delete a folder, cut/copy/paste items, rename a file or folder, share files, and so on.\r\n\r\nExcept for those, by adding all your cloud accounts (from different clouds or the same cloud) to MultCloud, you are able to make use of the free quota of each account in the same platform. That is, MultCloud successfully put all your free cloud storage together for you to use.\r\n\r\nWhat’s more, adopting high technologies, MultCloud is available for schedule file transfer/sync, power-off file transfer, filtering special file extension files during transfer/sync, 8 different ways of sync, multi-server parallel file transmission and so on. However, these advanced features are only available in MultCloud paid Premium Plan. Premium plan users can enjoy faster transfer speed, VIP servers and top technical support, as well sub-accounts management and sync to up to ten different cloud paths in a one-way sync task.\r\n\r\nTips: Generally, MultCloud supports one-way sync and two-way sync. One-way sync further includes simple sync, mirror sync, full backup sync, incremental backup sync, cumulative sync, move sync, and update syn.\r\n\r\nCome and try MultCloud to do cloud storage with remote URL upload freely!

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