Ransomware Protector AOMEI Backupper


AOMEI Backupper is a ransomware protector which can backup import data in a safe place and restore them back after cyber-attack to avoid data loss.


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What Is Ransomware?\r\nRansomware is a type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid.\r\n\r\nThe recently ransomware is WannaCry, which block computer users to access to their files like work documents, pictures, videos, apps, etc. and blackmail victims with money in bitcoin.\r\n\r\n"Although ransomware is usually aimed at individuals, it\\\'s only a matter of time before business is targeted as well". The latest ransomware attack example – WannaCry infected mostly is business field, such as hospital in UK, airlines in South American, phone company Teleponica and transportation delivery FedEx.\r\n\r\nOnce infected, the targets cannot be accessed and in most chance to get lost, especially a large amount of crucial data. Therefore, great loss will be caused all over the world with the spreading of the virus. That is a bad thing.\r\n\r\nHow to Protect Yourself from Ransomware?\r\nWe can’t avoid ransomware. It can exist anytime, anywhere and create by any hacker. However, we can avoid its attacks relying on ransomware protector or ransomware protection software. These can be antivirus software, antispyware program, firewalls applications, anti-exploit tools and so on. Besides do something to avoid ransomware attacks, computer users can also directly do something to protect their important data from losing under or after virus infection; that is backup their data, save it to a second place and give them a double insurance.\r\n\r\nTo backup computer data, netizens first need to find a reliable program. I’d like to recommend AOMEI Backupper to network users, which is a professional and powerful computer backup & restore software.\r\n\r\nRansomware Protector - AOMEI Backupper\r\nAs mentioned above, AOMEI Backupper – ransomware protection software, is an application specialized in data backup and recovery. It can backup and restore file/folder, partition, system and hard drive; it can also clone disk, OS as well as partition/volume. More specially, there is a special FREE version designed for ransomware like WannaCry.\r\n\r\nWhich to Start with\r\n\r\nIt gives two way for users to choose from:\r\n\r\nIf the system has not yet been attacked by ransomware virus, select “I Want to Backup Data”.And, you will be directed toward Backup menu to choose a proper kind of backup task to go on. The guidance will guide you finish your operations.\r\n\r\nBackup\r\n\r\nTip:You are recommended to backup to external devices which won’t be usually connected to network and thus have little chance to be infected by virus. Or, you can backup to cloud drives since clouds are safer than local storages.\r\n\r\nIf the system has already been attacked by ransomware virus, click “Create Bootable Media” to first boot the crashed computer up and then migrate data in it out, even the data are locked by hijackers. Move the key files out and have more time to find out solutions to unlock the files.\r\n\r\nCreate Bootable Disc

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