NAS Media Server for Different Usage


NAS media server can be used for many kinds of usage, such as for home use, for business use, for media streaming, for Mac usage, etc.


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What Is NAS Media Server?\r\nNAS media server is a network attached storage used for data saving and file sharing. Whatever the data are, family videos / work documents / entertainment movies or pictures / music, they all can be stored on NAS. Compared with traditional local hard disk storage method, putting things on NAS makes it convenient for a certain group of users to get access to the same docs. Except for saving large amount of data, another advantage of NAS is to share files among some people, say family members, company colleagues, classmates, etc.\r\n\r\nAsustor-AS-604T-Best-NAS-Storage\r\nNAS for Home / Personal Use\r\nJust like mentioned above, NAS is useful in family case. For example, you and your children took a trip to Disneyland last weekend and you took several videos capturing the happy moments your kids spent with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, snow White…it’s a great idea for you to put these wonderful memories on family public NAS to share with all family members, including the protagonist kids, your parents, your brothers or sisters as well as you couple. As long as the videos are on the NAS, computers within local area network (LAN) can view them. Thus, family member do not need to open THE computer to share your happiness, instead, the just have to open ONE computer within the same LAN to view the videos.\r\n\r\nnas-for-home-use\r\nAs for best NAS for home or personal use, there cannot set a fixed answer; it depends on a lot of factors. Generally, those factors can be divided into two main groups, price and quality (value). Consumers always buy products when they figure out that the value of the product deserves the price; or, compared to other similar products, this one’s better; or, they just believe and love this brand. Here, “quality” does not only means the materials making the NAS physical device are excellent, but more indicates some parameters / functionalities of the NAS which suit users themselves, like operating system (Linux, Windows or Android, Mac), construction (Rack-mount or Standalone), hard drive configuration (RAID, fixed single or fixed dual), wired network speed, network medium, connection type (USB or Ethernet), etc. yet, increasingly, home users are shifting toward a cloud NAS model.\r\n\r\nSo, according to your own condition and needs to choose a NAS box for home. That will be the best home NAS for you. Still, referring PCMag’s review, I’d like to recommend you with QNAP TS-51, Synology DiskStation DS216, Western Digital My Cloud Mirror Gen 2 and Asustor AS302T.\r\n\r\nQNAP-TS-51\r\nTip: NAS for home use can also be called low-end or desktop NAS which aimed at small business and home users who require local shared storage.\r\n\r\nNAS for Business / Enterprise / Office Use\r\nThough low-end or desktop NAS can satisfy small business needs, it can’t apply for large business, enterprise or big office. As for NAS solutions for business, we need more advanced equipped NAS. They are called high-end or enterprise NAS. Such NAS can store huge amounts of files, including virtual machine (VM) images. Moreover, high-end NAS provides rapid access and NAS clustering capabilities.\r\n\r\nNAS-for-Business-Enterprise-Office-Use\r\nTip: There is also a category of NAS which can serve as business usage which was classified as midmarket NAS. This kind of NAS devices meet the needs of business that require several hundred terabytes of data, but they can’t be clustered. However, they can create file-system silos when multiple NAS devices are needed.\r\n\r\nThe approaches that NAS develops for enterprise use lie in these five aspects: NAS gateways, integrated NAS, clustered NAS, parallel file systems as well as NAS aggregators. All the five aspects have pros and cons. They also have benefits. Anyway, business NAS is getting more and more suitable for office requirements.\r\n\r\nConclusion\r\nNAS is a very useful device which greatly helped computer users like you and me. To save data in NAS is also a kind protection to your crucial information. Also, you can save data backup images to NAS using a free backup software, like AOMEI Backupper Standard, the easiest backup service provider. In a word, make full use of the new technologies to optimize your system, and further optimize your life!

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