How to Set Up Remote Desktop Connection

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How to Set Up Remote Desktop Connection

To connect your PC to other Windows devices remotely, you can get the detailed steps according to this post.


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With a unique technology — Telnet, Windows 10 Remote Desktop connection enables users to access the programs, files, and network sources of another computer reliably. As a built–in the app, the Remote Desktop can be gotten from Windows Store on Windows 10 and it can be more convenient and flexible than other third-party controlling tools.

Once you have controlled another PC via a Remote Desktop connection, you can operate it, such as installing and performing the program as if you are using the PC directly.

On the basis of the great significances possessed by Remote Desktop, you must be eager to set up and use it. In this way, in the following part, this tutorial will show up how to set up Remote Desktop and how to create the Remote Desktop connection.    More detail...

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