How to Extend C Drive Windows 10 in Different Situation

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How to Extend C Drive Windows 10 in Different Situation

Extend c drive in Windows 10 with neighbor unallocated space using Disk Management or diskpart; or, extend c drive with free space in other partitions


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Situation1: There is unallocated space adjacent behind c drive.
If there is an unallocated space which is very behind system c partition, you can extend system partition windows 10 with Disk Management or diskpart.

Extend c drive windows 10 with disk management

Step1. Open Computer Management. Right click on “This PC” on your desktop and choose “Manage”.

Computer Management Win10

Step2. Open Disk Management. Click on “Disk Management” on the left menu in “Storage” column and the disk partitions details will be laid out in the center of the window.

Step3. Right click on c volume and select “Extend Volume” to extend c drive windows 10.

Extend Volume C Win10

Step4. Then comes to Extend Volume Wizard. Click “Next” to continue.

Extend Volume Wizard Win10

Step5.Select disks from which you want take free space from. The near unallocated space is selected automatically.

Select Disks to Take Space from Win10

Step6. Click “Finish” to close the wizard and it will start extending boot volume Windows 10.

Completing Extend Volume Wizard Win10

Extend c drive windows 10 with diskpart

Step1. Press Windows and R bottom to open system Run window.

Windows Run Win10

Step2. Type “diskpart” in the column. Click “OK” or press Enter to open diskpart.

Diskpart Win10

Step3. Type “list volume” and press “Enter” to let diskpart show you all the volumes on your computer.

Step4. Type “select volume c” and press “Enter” to make system volume active.

Step5.Type “extend” and press “Enter” and diskpart will automatically extend boot volume windows 10 with the unallocated space behind it.

Diskpart Extend C Win10

Situation2: There is unallocated space but it isn’t adjacent c drive
If there does is an unallocated space on the hard disk but it is not right behind system partition, both Disk Management and diskpart cannot help. In such case, you can rely on a professional Windows partition manager to extend Windows 10 system disk. Here, AOMEI Partition Assistant is taken for an example. First of all, download, install and launch it on your computer.

Step1.Click on c partition and choose “Merge Partitions” on the left menu.

Merge Partition into C Pro6.0

Step2. In the pop up window, partition c will automatically be selected. You just need to tick the unallocated space and click “OK”.

Merge Unallocated Space into C Pro6.0

Step3. Preview the extended system c partition. Finally, click “Apply” on the upper left to extend system partition windows 10.

Merge Unallocated Space into C Preview Pro6.0

Situation3: There is no unallocated space on the hard disk.
If there is no unallocated space at all on the hard drive, you can still make use of AOMEI Partition Assistant to extend windows 10 system disk.

Step1. Select Extend Partition Wizard on the left in Wizards column to extend c drive windows 10.

Extend Partition Wizard Pro6.0

Step2. Enter Extend Partition Wizard. Keep the default selection “Extend system partition” and click “Next” to continue.

Extend System Partition

Step3. It will check for availability.

Extend Partition Wizard Avaiable

Step4. Select one or more partitions from which you would like to take free space from to extend system partition windows 10.

Select Free Space Resource

Step5. Please specify the new size of c partition either by moving the slider or enter a proper value into the Partition New Size box.

Specify C New Size

Step6.Preview and confirm the pending operations to extend windows 10 system disk. Finally, click “Proceed” to execute them.

Extend C Drive Confirmation

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