How to Do Google Photos Auto Backup


The new released Google Backup and Sync tool enables Google photos auto backup either from cloud to desktop or from pc to Google Drive.


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About Google Photos Auto Backup\r\nGoogle photos auto backup usually means to automatically backup photos to Google Photos or Google Drive. Also, it can refers to backup photos from Google cloud to other place such as local desktop or other cloud drives.\r\n\r\nFor years, there is an automatic photo backup software called Google photos desktop uploader or auto backup which help Google users to copy photos from local to online storage. It works fine. And, not long ago, Google had updated this software to Google Backup and Sync (BAS / B & S). It claimed to backup both photos and files in a certain folder to Google Drive which has merged with Google Photos. Let’s see how it works?\r\n\r\nHow to Do Auto Backup Google Photos?\r\nNowadays, users rely on Google Backup and Sync to auto backup pictures Google. Or, there are some people who rely on a third party app to backup photos automatically.\r\n\r\nGoogle Photos Automatic Backup by Google Backup and Sync\r\nIf you had been using Google photos auto backup application before, you can upgrade it to Backup and Sync directly (in most cases, it has actively asked you to do so). If you haven’t used Google photos desktop uploader, then, you need to download and install BAS on your local machine.\r\n\r\nGoogle photos auto backup download >>\r\n\r\nWhen successfully installed, the first screen of it will briefly introduce itself to you and you can get started immediately.\r\n\r\nGoogle Drive Backup and Sync Get Started\r\nFor the first time, you have to do Google auto backup photos login.\r\n\r\nGoogle Drive Backup and Sync Sign in\r\nThen, it will inform you something and go to the local Google auto backup settings tab. Since this example is operated on a Windows PC, so the second step is named “My Computer”. If yours are a laptop, it will show as “My Laptop”.\r\n\r\nTip: This automatic photo backup software only support computer devices (including desktop, laptop and notebook), and can’t apply on phone or pad yet.\r\n\r\nYou can choose which folder(s) to be backed up to Google Drive. Your photos should be included in these folders, only then can them be duplicated. You can set the upload size of photos or videos by selecting “High quality” or “Original quality”. Also, if you want to auto backup photos to Google Photos on cloud, just tick “Upload photos and videos to Google Photos”.\r\n\r\nGoogle Drive Backup and Sync Photos\r\nThen, it comes to Google auto backup settings on Google Drive. Actually, it is to set how to sync items on Google Drive to local computer. You can specify Google photos backup folder and to which folder on local machine to sync Google photos to. To sync photos or videos in Google Photos tab, you should first move them out in a folder in My Drive tab for Google Backup and Sync can only access My Drive tab in Google Drive. Here, a folder is created in My Drive tab and named also Google Photos to temporarily store the photos you plan to backup/sync to local device.\r\n\r\nGoogle Photos Backup and Sync\r\nFinally, click “START” to begin auto backup photos to Google Drive.\r\n\r\nIt seems easy and useful. However, these days, while surfing the Google product forum, there are many complains about this new generation of automatic photo backup software, such as Google photos auto backup not working, Google photos backup delete, Google photos backup slow, etc. The most frequent one is its rigidity. For example, it can’t filter raw files or other certain type of files but backup the whole folder. Thus, many files being re-backed up to cloud and take away Google auto backup space when users move from Desktop Photo Backup to Backup and sync. Aren’t you encounter such problem? Then, how to fix?\r\n\r\nGoogle Auto Backup Photos with MultCloud\r\nGoogle should have received report about this issue and are working on it. Yet, while this issue being fixed, what can we do about our auto backup google photos work? To stop Google photo backup PC or disable Google photo backup desktop is not intelligent for the photos which mean most to us must be backed up regularly. Maybe we should continue using Backup and Sync until the Google devs solve the problem. But how long should we wait? Also, whether they are solving the issue or not is not sure.\r\n\r\nThere is another way, rely on another automatic photo backup software which can do Google photos automatic backup. Here is one called MultCloud, a multiple cloud drives manager. If you want to auto backup photos to Google Drive, just upload it; yet this is manually, not automatically. If you want to backup photos in Google Drive, you can sync/transfer photos from Google Drive to other clouds and set a schedule, thus, in the future, it can complete Google auto backup photos. To sync photos from Google Drive to local, just manually download them to your computer.\r\n\r\nSync Google Photos\r\nNotes:\r\n\r\nSimilarly, MultCloud can only access My Drive tab in Google Drive, to backup photos in Google Photos tab, copy them out in Google photo backup folder in My Drive tab.\r\nTo make use of this web based app, first create an account, then add the related cloud drives to it. See more details on Google Photos Backup and Sync.

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