How Can I Extend My C Drive

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How Can I Extend My C Drive

This article will introduce you several ways to increase size of C drive using AOMEI Partition Assistant, a reliable hard disk partition manager.


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This article applies to Windows 10/8.1/8/7, Windows Server 2003/2008 (R2)/2012 (R2)/2016 as well as Windows SBS 2011, all editions, both 32 and 64 bit.

General Information
“How to increase the size of C drive” is an eternal hot topic in computer management field. As time goes by, with more and more applications installed on your computer and an increasing number of documents created. Computer storage space is threaten by low disk problem, especially for system C drive. Thus, extend C drive is in urgent necessary.

How to extend C drive? Here, it will show you several ways to increase C drive making use of a professional and reliable disk management tool called AOMEI Partition Assistant. Unlike Disk Management or command prompt, it can expand drive C even without unallocated space and without data loss.

To try AOMEI software, for preparation, download, install and open it on your desktop.

How to Increase Size of C Drive Using Extend Partition Wizard?
Extend partition wizard will extend disk C without formatting any other partition on the hard drive. Thus, this is a way without data loss.

S1. Choose “Extend Partition Wizard” in its main window.

Extend Partition Wizard

S2. Keep the default “Extend system partition”.

Extend System Partition

S3. Extend partition confirm. If you tick “Automatic mode for extending a partition” here, it will skip the step of choosing partitions from which to take free space from and automatically take free space from all other partitions to target C disk.

Extend Partition Confirm

S4. Select from which partition you’d like to take free space from. You can choose multiple partitions here.

Select Free Space Source

S5. Specify how much free space you’d like to add into C drive from the source partition by dragging the graphic bar rightwards or manually input the size you would like the target partition be after extension. If you select more than one partitions to take free space from on the last step, when you drag the graphic bar here, the free space will be take automatically from the source partitions.

Specify Extending Space

S6. Preview the operation and proceed it.

Extend Partition Preview Proceed

How to Increase C Drive Space by Resizing Partition?
Like Disk Management extend disk c, resize partition also requires there is continuous unallocated space to system C partition. What the different is, if there is not, Disk Management can create some only by deleting the next partition of C drive (usually D drive), while Partition Assistant can create such unallocated space by shrinking D partition or moving unallocated space from other location on this disk to the very behind of partition C.

S1. In the first interface, click on the partition that between partition C and the unallocated space, then, choose “Resize/Move Partition”.

Resize Move Partition

S2. Put mouse on the partition, when it becomes four arrows, drag the partition rightwards until it can’t move anymore. Or, you can manually input the whole size of the unallocated space before the target partition. Here, input “67.84GB” in “Unallocated space before” column. Therefore, the “Unallocated space after will becomes “0.00”.

Move Partition

S3. You can preview that the unallocated space is right behind C drive now. Just click on C partition and select “Resize/Move Partition” again.

Resize C Partition

S4. Drag C drive rightwards to extend it.

Extend C Drive

S5. Preview the partition layout and click “Apply” to carry out the operations.

Apply Extend C Drive

How to Extend C Drive Relying On Allocating Free Space?
Allocate free space can help you quickly increase the size of C drive from another partition.

S1. Click on the partition from which you’d like to take free space to make it active and then select “Allocate Free Space”.

Allocate Free Space

S2. Specify how much free space you’d like to allocate from partition E to C.

Allocate Free Space from E to C

S3. Preview the partition layout after extend disk c and then click “Apply” to start the operation.

Preview and Apply

How to Expand Local Disk C through Merging Partitions?
You can also extend C drive by merging an existing drive or unallocated space into it. Please note that after merging, the location of the data will be slightly changed.

S1. Click on partition C to make it active and choose “Merge Partitions”.

Merge Partitions

S2. Select the available existing partition or unallocated space to be added into partition C.

Merge Unallocated Space into C


Only the partitions which are next to the target partition (except for system related partition), or the unallocated space are available. Here, only the unallocated space is available.

Only the partitions or unallocated on the same basic disk are available. If the target partition you are going to extend is dynamic volume, you may select volumes on other hard disks.

It can only add other partitions (eg. Data partition) to system related partition; can’t merge system partition into data partition.

S3. Preview the result and click “Apply”.

Merge Partitions Preview

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