Fix NVIDIA G-Sync Not Working On Windows 10

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Fix NVIDIA G-Sync Not Working On Windows 10

Once you got G-Sync monitor on NVIDIA not working issue on Windows 10, it is feasible to ask this tutorial for effective solutions.


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Is your G-Sync monitor tearing on Windows 10? Does it stop working suddenly in full-screen mode on NVIDIA graphics card? As a computer game lover, it is a common phenomenon that though your NVIDIA graphics card and monitor both support the G-Sync, it cannot work on Windows 10. As it is well known that G-Sync can not only solve the screen tearing or stuttering error caused by V-Sync, but it can be rather helpful on NVIDIA monitor with higher refresh rate in that it is able to help the NVIDIA monitor display better on Windows 10.

Therefore, you must be exceptionally upset if you cannot get high performance and high-quality image from G-Sync when you are playing games.    More detail...

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