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This article will tell you how to fix WIFI issues, for example, WIFI connection is not available in Windows 10 or WIFI is connected but no internet.


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To help you solve WIFI connection issues, here come two simplest and most effective ways. And it can solve these common WIFI disconnected issues:

WIFI Drivers Not Working on Windows 10

Windows 10 not Connected to WIFI (Wireless)

Windows 10 No WIFI Connections Available

Windows 10 WIFI Connected but No Internet

First of all, WIFI problems may be caused by your improper settings, you may have set “Disable” for the WIFI driver, so you can check your settings of the wireless adapter in Device Manager. If it is disabled, the problem will be solved when you enabled it.

But it may not solve your WIFI connection issues because there are so many reasons which cause these Windows 10 WIFI problems. Maybe WIFI drivers are outdated or the IP address is not the right one, etc.

Here the solutions below may be a great help for solving the problem that WIFI is not working, WIFI is connected but have no internet, WIFI connection is not available on Windows 10, etc.    More detail...

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