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A Fresh World to Publish PDFs as flash BOOK


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A Fresh World to Publish PDFs as flash BOOK [www.flashbookmaker.com]

Would you agree that digital publishing is the most important development in information technology since the printing press? According to the statistics from China News Publishing Research Institute, the output value of the digital publishing industry in 2010 exceeded 1,000 billion yuan, the growth rates in the past 5 years were close to 50% which became the new important growing part in the publishing industry. To develop digital publishing industry will be the certain choice for promoting the news publishing as a pillar industry in national economy.

Although the 'dream' of digital publishing was first introduced in the 1990's, it is now becoming a reality thanks to relatively recent advances in technological infrastructure. For instance, the widespread distribution of digital publications was not realistic or practical until 'broadband' internet became available to the masses.

Digital publications radically change how we receive and view information. Many people get news from online newspapers like The New York Times (http://www.nytimes.com/); read book from professional websites like Google books (http://books.google.com/) and so on.

We can believe that the digital publishing is the most popular way in our life now, but how to impress audience becomes an important problem for all of the people in publishing industry. E-books and Ebook Readers can't satisfy the new fresh look requirement now, digital publications combined with different flash effect becomes the most popular trending topic.

You can find many tools appear to create digital books with traditional page-turning flash effect, such as FlipBuilder (http://flipbuilder.com), CODEBOX (http://www.codebox.es/pdf-to-flash-page-flip) and so on.

But there is always some different and unique mode to publish digital files as FlashBookMaker (http://flashbookmaker.com) provides to eBook designers. The program PDF to FlashBook helps to convert ordinary PDF files into fantastic flash catalogs with amazing 3D Page Sliding animations and sound. The most important feature is that the created eBook always present two consecutive sheets side-by-side, and provides readers a much easier and clearer way to compare and contrast content in contiguous pages.

Besides page sliding flash effect, the program provides various useful features, like defining eBook titles on the top bar, changing outer and inner background images, auto sliding pages from the very beginning, setting language showing in flash books, adding passwords to protect created presentations, etc..
The created digital catalog can be published to website as a single page or partial of existing webpage, or store as a standalone EXE to run separately, even can be distributed to CD-ROM. The created digital publications are royalty-free, user don’t need to pay any more to us no matter what purpose is, whether commercial or personal.
More see: http://flashbookmaker.com

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