Linux System Administration: A Practical way of learning

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Linux System Administration: A Practical way of learning

Use the in-demand Linux skills you learn in this course to boost your career with practical approach of learning (RHEL8)

updated on icon Updated on Sep, 2023

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person icon Shikhar Verma

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Course Description


Securing & Hardening a Linux System

  • Linux Physical Security

  • How to break root password

  • Securing the grub menu

  • Reset root password from rescue mode

  • BIOS Protection

  • General Security

  • Keep your system updated

  • Turn off IPv6

  • Disable USB Stick to detect

  • Restrict Users to Use Old Passwords

  • Check Password Expiration of a User

  • Password Expiration - Lab Session

  • Verify accounts for empty password

  • Verify accounts with "Zero" UID

  • Review logs regularly

  • Keep /boot as read only

Managing Server Firewalls

  • Firewall concepts

  • About nftables, features and advantages of firewalld

  • Firewalld components, pre-defined zones

  • How packet flows through firewall

  • Check firewalld services - Lab Session

  • Adding and Removing Services & Port from Firewall Server - Lab Session

  • Add Services Permanently in Firewalld - Lab Session

  • Add HTTP Service in firewalld - Lab Session

  • Port forwarding - Lab Session

  • Conceptual discussion about Masquerading, Packet Flow in Firewalld

  • Masquerading with Port Forwarding - Lab Session

  • About Rich Rules in Firewalld

  • Specifically allow a Server using Rich Rules - Lab Session

  • Allow Telnet Port, SSH with log prefix using Rich Rule - Lab Session

  • Accept, Reject, Drop - Lab Session

Advanced Storage Features

  • About Stratis

  • Lab - Installing & Configuring Stratis

  • Lab - Managing Stratis File Systems

  • Lab - Persistently Mounting Stratis File Systems

  • Lab - Stratis filesystem snapshot

  • Guided Exercise - Create a thin-provisioned file system

  • Guided Exercise - Verify file system grows dynamically

  • Guided Exercise - Create & access data from Snapshot

  • VDO - Virtual Data Optimizer

  • Lab - Installation VDO

  • Lab - Create & format a VDO Volume

  • Lab - Testing Deduplication:

  • Recap - Lab

  • Lab - Extend & Remove VDO Volume

Linux Containers

  • Introducing Container Technology

  • Planning for containers

  • Lab - Configure a basic container

  • Lab - mapping container host ports to the container

  • Lab - stop, restart & remove container

Setting up a Apache Web Server

  • Introduction Apache Web Server

  • Basic Setup of Apache Web Server

  • Apache main configuration file - 1

  • Apache main configuration file - 2

  • Launching a simple web page

  • Order (Allow, Deny)

  • Indexes

  • Practice Lab Session on Indexes

  • .htaccess - Security Restrictions on directories

  • Practice Lab Session

  • Secure a Web Server

  • Encrypted Communication using SSL (443 port)

  • Practice Lab Session

Setup a DNS Server

  • Overview about DNS

  • Understanding root & top level domains hierarchy

  • How dns works?

  • Configure a dns server - lab 1

  • Zone configuration - lab 2

  • Zone configuration - lab 3

  • Troubleshooting of dns issues

  • DNS Server Interview Questions and Answers

Automating Linux Administrative tasks

  • About Ansible

  • Ansible Setup - Lab1

  • Ansible Setup - Lab2

  • Ansible Setup - Lab3

  • Ansible Setup - Lab4

  • Ansible Components

  • Control & Managed Node

  • Ansible Inventories

  • Customizing Ansible

  • AD HOC Commands

  • Ansible Modules

  • Lab - Idempotent behaviour

  • Lab - Command & Shell Module

  • Lab - Configuration file directives

Managing SELinux Security

  • SELinux Security Concepts

  • SELinux Context

  • SELinux Modes

  • Lab on SELinux Modes

  • Practical approach to understand SELinux

  • Lab - Change context temporary

  • Lab - Change context permanently

  • Lab - SELinux inheritance and its pitfalls

  • SELinux Booleans

  • Lab - SELinux Booleans

  • Audit logs & Troubleshooting SELinux

  • Interview Questions and Answers SELinux

Samba Server

  • Overview of Samba Server

  • How Samba Works

  • Lab - Installation & Configuration of Samba Server

  • Lab - Configure a Private Samba Share

  • Lab - mount samba share on Linux Client

  • Lab - mount samba share on Windows Client

  • Lab - Configure a Public Samba Share

  • Lab - Drive mapping on windows client

  • Lab - Secure Samba share resources

  • Last Lecture


What will you learn in this course:

  • Securing & Hardening a Linux System
  • Managing Server Firewalls
  • Advanced Storage Features
  • Linux Containers
  • Setting up a Apache Web Server
  • Automating Linux Administrative tasks
  • Automate Linux using Ansible
  • Managing SELinux Security
  • Samba Server
  • VDO - Virtual Data Optimizer


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • PC or Laptop with internet Connection.
  • Basic Knowledge of Linux Administration would be required as it is a intermediate level course module.
Linux System Administration: A Practical way of learning


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

Securing & Hardening a Linux System
17 Lectures
  • play icon Introduction 04:02 04:02
  • play icon Linux Physical Security 04:21 04:21
  • play icon How to break root password 06:21 06:21
  • play icon Securing the grub menu 04:15 04:15
  • play icon Reset root password from rescue mode 03:20 03:20
  • play icon BIOS Protection 02:39 02:39
  • play icon General Security 03:19 03:19
  • play icon Keep your system updated 03:05 03:05
  • play icon Turn off IPv6 01:12 01:12
  • play icon Disable USB Stick to detect 01:45 01:45
  • play icon Restrict Users to Use Old Passwords 04:17 04:17
  • play icon Check Password Expiration of a User 03:29 03:29
  • play icon Password Expiration - Lab Session 06:07 06:07
  • play icon Verify accounts for empty password 02:54 02:54
  • play icon Verify accounts with "Zero" UID 02:17 02:17
  • play icon Review logs regularly 03:03 03:03
  • play icon Keep /boot as read only 03:54 03:54
Managing Server Firewalls
15 Lectures
Advanced Storage Features
14 Lectures
Managing SELinux Security
11 Lectures
Samba Server
9 Lectures
Setting up a Apache Web Server
13 Lectures
Linux Containers
5 Lectures
Automating Linux Administrative tasks
14 Lectures
Setup a DNS Server
8 Lectures

Instructor Details

Shikhar Verma

Shikhar Verma

Solution Architect
Hi there, my name is Shikhar Verma And I love making complex technical topics easy to understand. I have been in the IT Industry for more than 12 years and I had started my career as a Unix and Linux System Engineer in 2005 and currently working as solution architect in multinational company and also a professional IT trainer. My passion is to work in an environment where my technical skills and experience is put to proper use for the prospective growth of company & his career. And I'm here on to teach what I know in an approachable way. I started teaching courses in 2017, and have taught over 20,000 students. I am grateful every day with being able to connect with so many students in almost every country around the world. Primary Skills are Linux, Red Hat Cluster, Ansible, Shell Scripting, AWS Cloud (Amazon Web Services), Linux Cluster, Perl etc Environment: HP Servers (Itanium/PA-RISC), Superdome 2 8s,16s & 32s, 9000/RX Series Server running HP-UX 11iv1, v2 and v3, HP P & C Class Blades Servers c7000 running HP-UX/RHEL8,7,6 etc.

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