Lifestyle and the Quality of Life

A healthy person has physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance within himself. Maintenance of the body to prevent illness and diseases. Physical balance is when a person can perform all the activities in his daily life without facing any difficulties. It includes strength, stamina, and flexibility of the body. The mental aspect is the most important part of a person's overall health. It may affect the person's thinking, behavior, and perspective positively or negatively. Most of the time, the physical aspect of health highly depends upon the mental one. Spiritual balance is when a person finds hope and meaning in his life. With time becomes humbler and seeks out peace within himself. Hence to maintain a perfect balance physically, spiritually, and mentally one must have a healthy lifestyle. The daily routine of a person is the biggest reason for his well-being. It contributes to having a better environment, longevity, and quality in their lives.

A Change for Good

Lifestyle means how people live their life. The quality of life depends upon factors like age, environment, genetics, and society. For a 60-year-old person walking is a good exercise concerning their age but for a 20-year-old person running and swimming will be more favorable for his age. The foundation of tomorrow's health completely depends on today's lifestyle, and it is both a short and long-term investment. Hobbies, sleeping habits, eating habits, and other choices contribute to their quality of life. To lead a joyful life, one must be able to include and exclude many good and bad habits. In the end, it comes to the choice of the people to improve their lifestyle, for which they have to sacrifice many things and change themselves for good.

Signs of a Bad Lifestyle

Many people do not take their lives and health seriously. They end up stuck in many situations that distract them from living a good quality of life. Situations like workload, stress, lack of clarity, and judging by others. The signs that display a bad quality of life: Lack of energy, lack of presence at the moment, sadness and depression, always craving for more, and being physically unfit.

Improving the Quality of Life

Small changes in the routine and including positive habits slowly help to make a greater change with time. The goals are small and achievable by the person setting them up; hence, a person must set up a short-term goal. Many such steps are creating a difference in lifestyle, which are getting a minimum of 7 hours of sleep, 60 -90 minutes of exercising and physical activities, change in eating habits, maintaining ideal body weight, avoiding smoking and consumption of alcohol, having an optimistic perception toward life and people, involving in family and friends, spiritual and self-improving practices and managing time wisely. Applying such practices may result in a gradual change in one's lifestyle.

Failing in Lifestyle Change

Every process has a real and practical approach. Many people wish to change their way of living but cannot do so as they do not plan and have an impractical approach. The right way to begin the process is to know one capability. People expect results very fast, and they fail to control them. Sometimes it is found that people often make wrong decisions that lead to a lack of focus of the person. The desired attempt must be real, achievable, and time-bound. The person who appreciates the journey will go further than a person who appreciates the destination. Hence a person must enjoy every small goal he has achieved for the ultimate one. They often have high hopes for their trial. People seeking change must set it on time and keep track of every small success. Consistency plays a major role in achieving goals. If one wishes to go faster, he must go alone; if he wishes to go farther, he must have people along with him.


People must be able to identify their bad habits and change them for good. It is the way how they live their lives that decide the quality of it. Mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health depends on everyday work. A man can achieve completeness if he makes small things right .hence having a good quality of life is necessary. People often do what they want instead of what they should. They must take complete responsibility for their lives. People must go towards the ultimate goal step by dividing it into many shorter ones. Instead of waiting for the saturation point for the betterment of their routine, one must always start it as soon as possible.

Updated on: 04-Jan-2023


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