Life Hack With Color Psychology: Increase Your Influence

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Life Hack With Color Psychology: Increase Your Influence

Become a powerful visual communicator and more effectively sell your ideas, your message, and your products or services.

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Course Description

What if you could be more influential, more productive, communicate better, and have more of a say in how people perceive and treat you just by knowing a few easy-to-remember secrets about color, all in just under 75 minutes?

Knowing how colors influence ourselves and others is like knowing a secret handshake that will help tilt life more in your favor day after day. This course will show you how with practical tips you can begin using immediately, even before you finish all the lessons.

This course was created as a basic introduction to color psychology and will have you up and running using your new color superpowers after just the first few lessons.

Do you know what color to wear on your first date to make their heart go pitter-pat? What about during that sales pitch at work to generate support and funding for your new project or to stand out in a room full of extroverts? What soothing color will get the office troll off your back at work AND your baby to calm down at home so you can get some sleep? 

Emotions are what drive people to think and act in certain ways and using colors strategically will help influence the emotions and actions of others. Did you know that 85% of shoppers place color as a primary reason  for   why they buy a particular product and that color increases brand   recognition by 80%? Learn which colors will best help sell your  ideas, your   message, and your products and services.   

Use the color techniques in this course when making  presentations and in your visual communications to ensure that you are  communicating exactly what you want to.Have more power to influence your audience to feel and react the way you intend and  get them to take specific actions like support a cause or candidate,  attend an event, make a donation, or buy a product or service. 

This course also includes a bonus MP3 audio file of all eleven color lectures you can download and listen to while on the go.

What Students Are Saying:
"I am amazed at just how much I learned from this course. The instructor really breaks down how colors influence our daily lives and how we can purposefully incorporate them into our personal and professional lives for positive results. She also shows real examples to help demonstrate her point. I look at so many things differently now. Thank you so much for the wonderful course!" -Christine Maisel

I’m an award-winning artist/educator helping empower ordinary people around the globe to communicate and tell their own stories through a variety of media. I create dynamic content for clients including UNFPA, UNICEF, The World Food Programme, WHO, and more.

Since 2000 I've been teaching students all over the world using my tried and true custom approach (turning complex information  into something simple, memorable, easy-to-understand in as short amount  of time as possible) to ensure that you get the most important, relevant, and useful information that can be  applied immediately.

New bonus lectures and resources will continue to be added and timely color advice will be provided in the discussion forum. I love to help and always respond to inquiries and discussions ASAP.   

Please Note: All students who enroll in this course also will receive periodic free and discounted access to my other top-rated current and upcoming courses. 

You have a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee with no questions asked so  you have nothing to lose. I make myself available so you will have  access to me if you have questions or need specific feedback along the way. 

Empower yourself now by enrolling in this color course and join our growing learning community! Click the "Take This Course" button in the upper right corner and let's get started maximizing your impact at home and at work today. 

Who this course is for:

  • This course is essential for artists, designers, and visual communicators of all kinds who want to make more of an impact with their work.
  • This course is also very useful for business owners, educators, academics, marketers, parents, and people interested in health and well-being who want to have more of an impact at work and at home.
  • This course will also help introverts who are quietly excellent and have something to say but don't always want to have to compete with the loud-mouths in the room in order to make an impact.


What will you learn in this course:

  • Increase your impact significantly in less than 2 hours

  • Create mood and convey your message better in all your visual communications and presentations.

  • Make more informed decisions about choosing colors to sell your idea, message, or brand.

  • Influence your audience/viewers to take certain actions like support a cause, attend an event, make a donation, or buy your product or service.

  • Use color to deal more effectively with difficult people, (adults AND children.)

  • Gain a psychological edge in a job interview to tilt odds more in your favor.

  • Use color to your advantage at work, in your art, and at home.

  • Recognize how marketers, advertisers, and politicians subtly use color to influence the public's emotions and perceptions.


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • This is a comprehensive course especially created for beginners and no special equipment or knowledge is needed.

Life Hack With Color Psychology: Increase Your Influence


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

Welcome to Lifehacking With Color Psychology
3 Lectures
  • play icon Introduction 03:21 03:21
  • play icon Suggestions For Taking This Online Course
  • play icon What Is Color and How Can It Affect You? 02:53 02:53
Taste the Rainbow: The Warm Colors
3 Lectures
Cool Like That: The Cool Colors
3 Lectures
The Big Crayon Box: "Special" Colors
5 Lectures
Putting It All Together
3 Lectures
More Resources and Handouts
1 Lectures
Updates, Extras, and Goodies
3 Lectures
Thank You
1 Lectures

Instructor Details

Kristen Palana

Kristen Palana

Professor, Award-Winning Artist, & Digital Do-Gooder

My goal is to empower ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

I’m an award-winning artist and educator helping empower people around the globe to communicate effectively and tell their own stories through a variety of media. I've created dynamic content for clients including UNICEF, WHO, UNFPA, WFP, Children International, The Aid Myanmar Society, The B-52s, and American University of Myanmar.

I've been teaching digital media and creating innovative programs for secondary, undergraduate, and postgraduate students as well as adults and children with no formal education in North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia since 2000. I’ve also been teaching tens of thousands of online students through the UN-mandated University For Peace’s Centre For Executive Education and on online learning platforms since 2014.

I’m an Associate Professor of Digital Media who recently taught for universities, international schools, and NGOs in Myanmar from 2016-2019. I co-founded and directed the Film and Digital Media Program at The American University of Rome (2006-2016). I’m now a Digital Media and Animation Specialist for The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA Malawi) and a Creative Graphic Designer for UNICEF Malawi.

My animated films have screened in galleries and museums worldwide and in more than 75 international film festivals where they have frequently won “Best Animated Short.” I’m a dedicated mentor, trainer, career advisor, curriculum builder, and interdisciplinary collaborator known for promoting civic engagement and fostering a positive, inclusive learning environment.

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