Learning Proxy with FortiProxy hands-on Labs


Course Description

This course is for individuals who are looking to learn about the Proxy devices specifically the FortiProxy product, individuals will learn about the different type of Proxies, how to configure clients to explicitly send traffic to FortiProxy. How to apply web access authentication and decide who can browse to the internet based on user LDAP crednetial and client IP, you will be able to know how to accelerate the client web access by applying caching, control what video channels client can have access to, how to apply privacy to client web traffic and also will go through the FortiProxy logss covers the Proxy device specifically FortiProxy you will go through the following in this course. 

  1. Understand the Proxy Product

  2. Understand the different types of Proxies based on traffic flow and anonymity level 

  3. Learn how to build the FortiProxy lab used in this course with VMware ESXI and understand networking and deployment part

  4. Learn the Proxy Explicit Proxy configuration on FortiProxy 

  5. Learn the Proxy network configuration on client side manually and using PAC

  6. Be able to proxy user traffic and test it

  7. Learn and configure Web Access Authentication enforcement using FortiProxy

  8. Learn and configure Web Access Acceleration using FortiProxy 

  9. Configure the Content Analysis feature to prevent visual threats 

  10. Configure the Video Filtering security profile 

  11. Understand the logging on FortiProxy

For anyone who's looking to learn about proxies specifically FortiProxy, the benefits , how they apply privacy, security, acceleration and authentication to user web traffic and learn about FortiProxy logging this is perfect course for you.

Important Note

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  • What is Proxy, why we use proxy.

  • Proxy types based on traffic flow, Proxy types based on Anonymity

  • FortiProxy Policies Types and Proxy Profile

  • FortiProxy Explicit Proxy

  • FortiProxy Web Access Acceleration with Content Cache

  • FortiProxy Web Access Authentication

  • FortiProxy Content Analysis

  • FortiProxy Video Filter Security Profiles

  • FortiProxy Logging


  • No Experience Required

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  • Lab Setup in VMware ESXI
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Learning Proxy with FortiProxy hands-on Labs
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