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Learn Protractor Automation Testing

Created by SAYANTAN TARAFDAR, Last Updated 27-Feb-2020, Language:English

Learn Protractor Automation Testing

Protractor Automation Testing for Testing Angular and Non Angular Websites

Created by SAYANTAN TARAFDAR, Last Updated 27-Feb-2020, Language:English

What Will I Get ?

  • You will become master in Protractor Automation Testing
  • Able to perform Automation Testing for Angular Websites


  • No as such requirements.
  • Selenium knowledge will be added advantage
  • Basic Computer Fundamentals & Terminologies
  • Computer installed with Windows and Internet Connection


There is a sudden increase in AngularJS web sites.AngularJS is what HTML would have been, had it been designed for building web-apps. Few things are there in Angular which differentiates from Selenium automation testing. Present-day market demand is shifting towards Protractor for automation testing. Protractor Automation Testing can able to handle both AngularJS based websites and also non-Angular based websites.

Protractor API is nothing but a wrapper over the most powerful Selenium WebDriver API.

Protractor's main advantage is an advancement in the locator section. Various new angular specific locators can be now be identified and hence actions can be implemented over it.

Additional Locator strategies: 

  • By binding 

  • By repeater 

  • By textarea 

  • By model 

  • By buttonText

  • By options


The configuration file is the most powerful or heart of this automation. Config file only dictates which Specification file (specs file) needs to run, whether it will be parallel execution or cross-browser testing. All these basic configurations can be done in the config file.

The default framework is Jasmine. Also, you will able to learn how to log your executions, take screenshots and many more things.

Who this path is for: 

Manual testers 

Test Managers 

Automation Testers

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