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  Nivedita Jain

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Language - English Published on 01/2020


PHP is a server-side scripting language that is mainly used in website development.Website development is a fast growing need for almost everyone. In order to create your own website, knowing PHP is very important. PHP  is a
versatile form of script writing and being adept at PHP development will place you in good stead.

PHP basically helps in the creation of dynamic web pages and is one of the most popular methods of web development because it is easy and versatile. Apart from the fact that it can support any database, PHP is also compatible with all Operating Systems - which makes it a language in demand.

This course will help you understand the core of PHP in a very easy and simple way. You will learn about Variables & Constants, Data types, Operators, Arrays, Conditional Statements, Iterations, Functions and Forms in PHP. The course uses a combination of engaging presentation, coding, and practical examples that make learning PHP simple and fun.

By the end of the course, which teaches you PHP in a step by step approach meant for beginners, you will become an efficient PHP developer.

What Will I Get ?

  • Basics of PHP
  • Types of Arrays
  • Different types of Conditional statements
  • Kinds of Iterations
  • Functions used in PHP
  • Forms in PHP


  • Basic knowledge of HTML & CSS
  • Basic knowledge of MySQL

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