Learn Parallel Programming with c# and .NET Core 5

2021 Master Parallel Programming with c#


This course covers everything you need to know about Parallel Programming with the c# and the latest .NET Core 5 framework. The course is a very comprehensive video material that covers the following.

  • Resources and deadlocks - Learn how to deal with deadlocks

  • TPL and Tasks - Learn how to create, start, stop, join, wait tasks, parent, child, factory tasks, return a value from a task, run multiple tasks, properly handle exceptions with tasks...

  • Threads - Learn everything you need to know about threads. Learn about its properties and methods.

  • PLINQ - Learn about Parallel LINQ and how to apply your knowledge instantly in your LINQ queries or method queries.

The course deep dives into greater details through simplicity, examples and explanations. What you will learn under this course is production applicable immediately. You can use this course as your dictionary for parallel programming because the material and source code is structerd very well for you to find anything you need related to the subject.


  • Learn Parallel Programming with c# and the .NET Core 5
  • Learn everything about Threads, its Properties, Methods and why you need them
  • Learn about Tasks and how to use them in your applications
  • Resource Deadlock explained
  • Learn everything you need to know about TPL - Task Parallel Library
  • Learn everything about PLINQ and how to use it with your LINQ knowledge


  • Visual Studio 2019 Community version installed on your PC, Mac or Linux
  • Some knowledge in the c# programming language
  • Some knowledge in LINQ in order to understand the full capacity of PLINQ
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  • Learn Parallel Programming with c# and .NET Core 5
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  • Jatin Natekar
    Jatin Natekar

  • Murat Kahraman
    Murat Kahraman

    I like it, good education

Learn Parallel Programming with c# and .NET Core 5
This Course Includes
  • 2.5 hours
  • 22 Lectures
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