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Learn Automation With katalon Studio (Selenium WebDriver Based Tool)

Created by Abode QA, Last Updated 22-Feb-2021, Language:English

Learn Automation With katalon Studio (Selenium WebDriver Based Tool)

A keyword driven automation tool written on top of Selenium WebDriver and also supports API Testing

Created by Abode QA, Last Updated 22-Feb-2021, Language:English

What Will I Get ?

  • Fair understanding to automate any web application using katalon
  • GIT integration with Katalon Studio
  • Detailed understanding of using Selenium Webdriver feature within Katalon Studio
  • Groovy Basics
  • API Testing Fundamental with some real time project setup/


  • Basic Computer Fundamentals & Terminologies
  • Familiarity with any object oriented programming and JVM based is added benefit. Although it is not needed


Are you a QA/Manager and want to learn automation to automate your routine task? but due to limited knowledge of  programming language and basics of HTML, CSS and javascript, you never caste your focus on automation to automate your monotonous tasks

Then here is the Good news for you!!!!! this course will teach you automation with Katalon Studio which is written on top of Selenium and Appium. In addition to this, Katalon Studio has been designed for pro automation engineer as well as for basic users like manual testers and proactive managers who don't have ever written a single line of automation script. For ease of manual testers and beginners in Automation, the Katalon Studio team has created Readable Keywords for almost all actions that any naive user can use with little effort. This tool has a feature to give a dose of Selenium Scripting gradually once the user gets comfortable with this tool.

For pro automation engineers this is Selenium with better features along with better action mapped keywords that can be used with java and groovy with great ease.

Katalon Studio has made it easy to use this tool by embedding Eclipse and all Selenium related Jar already downloaded with tool setup. So the user doesn't need to download Selenium, TestNG jars or any other API jar separately to work with Katalon Studio because everything comes as a single package and that can use right away.

Best Features of Katalon Studio

  • It uses Selenium at the best capacity, So whatever you think can be done through Selenium, can be done with Katalon Studio as well.

  • Provides Reports for each of the suite execution with the feature of parallel execution in different browser

  • Every action can be tracked through logs

  • Provides an interface to integrate GIT, CI Tools and JIRA

  • The learning curve is really short, any user with prior knowledge of Selenium can start using it right away.

  • API Testing is one feature that gives an easy way to check

Katalon Studio seems to be an outstanding automation tool with the shortest learning curve for test the Automation of web application.

So hope you will enjoy your learning on test automation with Katalon Studio and Selenium.

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