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Created by GAURAV ROY, Last Updated 03-Feb-2020, Language:English


The Untold Journey

Created by GAURAV ROY, Last Updated 03-Feb-2020, Language:English

What Will I Get ?

  • What is Entrepreneurship, What is start up business, how to setup a Venture....?
  • Students will learn about entrepreneurship, start-up business and how to setup a new enterprise or venture along with their essential requirements and elements


  • Basic knowledge of finance, corporate life, business, capitalism and how commerce work in real life


In this series of entrepreneurship, you will learn about the untold journey and different phases one need to pass in order to build an idea to an empire of brand and sell product into market. This course also tells you about the author's personal experience and journey, different ways of starting business and all the key elements you need to start a business. Students who have special subject as Entrepreneurship can also learn all the concepts, key terms and other details about how to bring the startup to a successful venture.

Who this course is for:

  • Entrepreneurs, Startup founders, co-founders, managers, venture capitalists, invetors, students who opted Entrepreneurship as Special Paper/subject, and everyone who finds interests in Entrepreneurship

Course Content


Engineer | Researcher | Developr | BS| MCA(H) | Entrepreneur

A passionate trainer, researcher, Entrepreneur. I've cleared MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Entrepreneurship Entrance & got selected for full-time course-work. I've also attended seminars and workshops of world famous Guy Kawasaki, Richard Branson, Rahul Tyagi and many more entrepreneurs, evangelists, CEOs & founders.

Also I'm the author of various online tutorials and books.I've sold 2 ideas which is now planning for the startup and this is another way of doing entrepreneurship and making others fulfil their dreams.

I teach many IIT & Other Students (technical and mgt-tech) to bring their ideas to prototype & then that product to market. I've over 50000+ students worldwide (both as video tutorials and written tutorials) & I hope that count will soon exceed Lacs. I'm an employee of Synopsys Inc. ex-employee of various MNCs like YouTube (Google), w3schools (senior Writer), and startups like: Sanfoundry (Author of 1000 MCQs), Digital jalebi (Game Engineer), Troubleshooters.xyz (Lead Writer), VRRooms (Developer). I'm also currently the board member of a 2-years old Startup company name: ByteHash Technologies Pvt. Ltd.