Learn Video Designing and Editing with Blender

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Course Description

In this course you are going to learn about various methods and techniques used for video editing using Blender. Most people know about blender as a popular 3d animation software that is open sourced. But very few people realize that blender provides some of the advanced video editing capabilities just like other popular video editors such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Final cut pro. Apart from video editing, blender can also be used for 3d modelling, sculpting, UV editing, shading, animation, rendering, compositing, and scripting. But here in this course we are just focused on Video Editing functionalities in blender. 

These days most people prefer a certain ecosystem for professional work, they could be working on various domains but they find it comfortable to use related software such as Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing and Adobe After Effects for motion graphics and visual effects. In the same way, if you are already using blender for any kind of task or inclined towards blender, then why not try video editing with blender? You can create wonderful documentaries, amazing vlogs, informative podcast or anything you like. When you are already inclined towards blender, you will not find it difficult to learn with the similar user interface and options. Moreover you can easily add motion graphics and other animated components to your video without switching to other software.

Here in this course, you will learn various things as below-

  • Blender Video editor features

  • Hard cut and soft cut for splitting 

  • Fading in and out

  • Adding text in the video

  • Setting keyframes for animating properties such as position

  • Speed control using effect strip

  • Adding glow, crop and other transformations

  • Creating a proxy clip for optimization

  • Export setting and rendering


  • You could perform various video editing operations using blender
  • You could split a clip using hard and soft cut
  • You could add fade, change playback speed and much more
  • You could add position animation using keyframes and much more


  • If you are already familiar with Video editing tools and techniques, it would be useful.
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Learn Video Designing and Editing with Blender
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  • 9 Lectures
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