Learn the Top Freelancing Skills

person icon Rathinagowri Srinivasan

Learn the Top Freelancing Skills

Learn VideoEditing,Voiceover,Notion,ChatGPT,Google Forms &sheets,Crowd Testing,Image editing,e-books & e-learning

updated on icon Updated on Nov, 2023

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person icon Rathinagowri Srinivasan

architecture icon ChatGPT,Image Editing,Freelancing,Video Editing,Survey

Lectures -113

Duration -4 hours


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Course Description

Featured here in this course

1. Video Editing

Learn to Edit videos, add background music, voice-over, caption, text, trimming, split clips, Display text at a particular Time stamp, Display images at a particular Timestamp, Add Sound effects at a particular Time Stamp

2. Voice over

Learn to record audio, edit audio, trim, select, split, delete, copy, paste, select, and noise reduction

Learn to use screen recorders to record voice along with screen, noise reduction in screen recorder

3. Manual Crowd Testing

Learn the basic terms of testing. Test cycle, Test scenarios, Test overview, Test cases, Bugs, Types of Bugs, Severity, Priority, Bug Template, Test case execution steps, and Bug Bounty Contests.

4. Google Forms and Google Sheets

Learn to create Google forms, and features, add questions, and responses, link responses to Google sheet, settings

Learn the basics of Google Sheets, How to use Google Sheets, and Operations performed in Google sheet, formulas, graphs, charts

5. Notion

Learn what is Notion, How to use Notion, Where Notion is used, Basic blocks in Notion, Adding Pages, Media, Tables, Databases, Database views, Sample template creation for to-do lists, expense tracking, project management, roll up and relation features and template using linked databases

6. ChatGPT

Learn what is ChatGPT, How to interact with ChatGPT, Example interactions, How it is used in various fields, Prompt Engineering, Create prompts, How to earn from prompts

7. Extras

Learn to edit images

Learn to create editable pdf

Learn to create Resumes and Portfolios using Canva

Learn to create e-learning tutorials


What will you learn in this course:

  • Learn Video Editing techniques

  • Learn how to use a Voice recorder and Screen Recorder

  • Basics of Manual Crowd Testing, Bug Reporting, Test case Execution

  • Learn how to create Surveys using Google form

  • Learn how to use Google Sheets

  • Learn how to use Notion and how to create templates

  • Learn how to use ChatGPT and prompt engineering

  • Learn image editing, ebook creation, resume and portfolio creation,


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • To anyone who wants to become freelancer
  • To anyone who is interested in learning the following skills. Video editing, Voice over, Notion, ChatGPT, Image editing etc.,
  • To anyone who is involved in content creation and content management
  • To anyone who wants to efficiently manage data and stay productive
Learn the Top Freelancing Skills


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

Video Editing
22 Lectures
  • play icon Introduction 01:07 01:07
  • play icon Create a video with pictures -Requirements 00:38 00:38
  • play icon Project files 00:46 00:46
  • play icon Import files 01:05 01:05
  • play icon Tracks and Scroll bars 01:27 01:27
  • play icon Export button 00:19 00:19
  • play icon Video with Pictures 02:08 02:08
  • play icon Add Background music 01:12 01:12
  • play icon Add Voice over 01:07 01:07
  • play icon Add Caption 01:54 01:54
  • play icon Add Text 01:27 01:27
  • play icon Export Video 00:42 00:42
  • play icon Create Video with two or more videos, Edit a video, Add Background Files 07:03 07:03
  • play icon Create video out of Clips 03:45 03:45
  • play icon Remove a particular part in a video 01:21 01:21
  • play icon Reduce the size of the video 01:14 01:14
  • play icon Display text at a particular Time stamp 03:26 03:26
  • play icon Display image at a particular Time stamp 02:39 02:39
  • play icon Add Sound effect at a particular Time Stamp 01:23 01:23
  • play icon Mini Project - Part1 04:37 04:37
  • play icon Mini Project - Part 2 07:33 07:33
  • play icon Final Edited Video 00:44 00:44
Voice over
10 Lectures
Manual Testing in Crowd Testing Platforms
16 Lectures
Google Forms and Google Sheets
17 Lectures
29 Lectures
15 Lectures
4 Lectures

Instructor Details

Rathinagowri Srinivasan

Rathinagowri Srinivasan

I am Rathinagowri, a passionate UI designer and developer. My expertise lies in creating intuitive user interfaces that enhance the overall user experience. Over the past few years, I have dedicated myself to designing and testing various UI journeys, constantly striving to improve usability and functionality.

My strong front-end development skills have enabled me to create visually appealing themes, websites, and applications. 

As a lifelong learner, I am constantly expanding my knowledge in the field of technology. I have recently delved into blockchain technology, exploring its potential applications and implications. Furthermore, I am currently immersing myself in the field of artificial intelligence, eager to uncover new possibilities and apply AI principles to my design and development work.

Aside from my passion for technology, I also enjoy sharing my knowledge with others. Teaching is a fulfilling experience for me, and I take pleasure in helping others understand and navigate the world of UI design and development. 

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