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Learn SAP ABAP (Including OOP) - Free Material for Certification Exam - Get your First SAP Job - Life Time Access !

  Muhammad Asad Khilji

   SAP ABAP, SAP, Office Productivity

  Language - English

   Published on 06/2022



Welcome everyone to SAP ABAP A To Z Practical Training Course.


I am your Instructor Muhammad Asad Khilji. I have done Masters in Computer Science and Working as SAP ABAP Certified Consultant since 2014. I have now 6+ years of Experience in SAP. I have done my SAP Certified Development Associate - ABAP with  SAP NetWeaver 7.31 Certification on 31st Dec, 2015.


I have tried to cover as many topics as possible in this Course to make it A To Z Practical Training Course. Starting Videos can be little boring for you Because theory is must to create a Base. After that you will have only Hands-on Practical Videos with Some explanation. Following is the List of Topics which are covered in this Course.

  • Introduction to SAP

  • ERP Comparison

  • SAP GUI Overview

  • ABAP Environment and Editor

  • ABAP Screen Navigation

  • ABAP Basic Syntax

  • ABAP Data Types

  • ABAP Internal Tables (Arrays)

  • ABAP Loop Control

  • ABAP Package

  • ABAP Transport Request

  • ABAP Data Dictionary (Database Tables)

  • ABAP Decisions

  • ABAP Strings

  • ABAP Exception Handling

  • ABAP Domains & Data Elements

  • ABAP Structures & Views & Search Helps

  • Function Modules

  • ABAP Open SQL (Insert, Select, Update, Delete, Modify) Statements

  • ABAP Classical Reports

  • ABAP ALV Reports

  • Dialog Programming (Screen Painter, Menu Painter) GUI

  • ABAP OOP Overview

  • ABAP Objects

  • ABAP Classes

  • ABAP Inheritance

  • ABAP Polymorphism

  • ABAP Encapsulation

  • ABAP Interfaces


I have designed SAP ABAP A To Z Practical Training Course after analyzing some already available SAP ABAP Courses on TutorialsPoint. Following are the some reasons on Why you should consider my course first.

- This Course covers many Topics as well as OOP in SAP ABAP.

- This Course is equivalent to 3-4 already available Courses.

- You will be ready to get your First SAP Job.

- You will get Free Helping material to Study for Certification Exam.

- 6 Hours of Practical Content based on my 6 Years of Experience.

- You can Consult with me through TutorialsPoint Platform.

Thank you :)

What Will I Get ?

  • Learn A to Z Concepts of SAP ABAP including OOP Concepts

  • Get your Dream Job in SAP

  • Free helping material for SAP ABAP Certification Exam

  • Enhance your existing SAP Skills

  • Get ready for SAP ABAP Certification Exam

  • Contact Instructor through the Udemy platform for Consultancy


  • SAP System or SAP Trial System.

  • User level understanding of how to navigate the SAP GUI.

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