Learn Python by Making Games

Learn to program by shooting at things

  Christian Koch

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Language - English Published on 07/2022


Learn the world's most popular programming language by making games!

This course includes an incredibly comprehensive, yet easy to follow, introduction to Python and uses that knowledge to create 4 sophisticated games. By the time you finish these projects you will have a strong understanding of Python and of coding in general. You will also have amazing projects for your portfolio. 

The course contains over 130 videos and includes a huge amount of exercises so you can practice while you code along. You can also find the code for every video attach in the course. The course will start completely from scratch and I will begin by installing Python on Windows or MacOS; or you can use an online code editor. If you are in doubt, the entire first 11 hours are freely available both here on Udemy and on YouTube. 

This course is going to cover every topic of Python, for example:

  • All of the datatypes (integers, strings, floats, booleans, lists, tuples, dictionaries etc)

  • You will learn classes and object-oriented programming

  • Inheritance, both simple and complex will be covered in detail

  • You will learn how to control the flow of the code using if, while, for and match

  • You will learn about functions and how to pass information around

  • There are many sections on scope to keep your code organized

  • Decorators will be covered in depth

  • File handling will be used

Python is one of the most desirable features on the job market and can get you into well-paying and interesting jobs. It is also a very easy to learn language that you can use as a starting point in your coding career. I am looking forward to seeing you in the course! 

What Will I Get ?

  • Learn how to use Python effectively
  • Create a portfolio of python games
  • Organize and manage large projects
  • Be comfortable with object-oriented programming
  • Use advanced Python features
  • Develop a deep understanding of Python


  • The only requirement is some kind of computer, ideally with Windows or macOS (or Linux) but you could also use an online code editor (like repl.it) and then follow the course on Android / iOS. 
  • No knowledge requirements, I will start from the very beginning.

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Learn Python by Making Games
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