Learn PCB Printed Circuit Board: A Complete Bundle

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Learn PCB Printed Circuit Board: A Complete Bundle

Learn Printed Circuit Board design using More than one software and Master the Art of PCB Design and Fabrication

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Course Description

PCB Design and Fabrication For Everyone

Learn Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design from Scratch With Zero Experience in Electronics, No Effort and a Free Software

>>> This course is a first of its kind in which you will learn from start to finish on how to design your own Printed Circuit Board (PCB) with Zero Experience in Electronics and Circuit Design, YES, you did hear me, No experience is required at all. <<<

Welcome to this course.

This course will help you to gain PCB design skills which will help you to get started freelancing or to get a job in PCB design with a Free Software being one of the top PCB design tools used around the world, so you won't have to pay anything for the software and it has tons of library for almost every component in electronics industry.

Printed Circuit Board design is very interesting for any electronics geek, microcontroller programmers anyone wishing to build his own PCB by themselves. It is very simple and easy to understand for beginners.

No Previous Experience + Free Software + Time Saving Techniques = Perfect PCB Design

This is available for your in this course + Bonuses and additional Material + PCB Design Software.


PCB Design: Master Designing Printed Circuit Board

A-Z Guide to designing, testing and Manufacturing any electronic circuit, using the most popular electronic software.

>>> A-Z Guide to designing, drawing and testing any electronic circuit that comes in hand, using one of the most popular software in the electronics industry, after this course you will be a master at making your own electric circuit board. <<<

Welcome to this course.

  • You will become professional in making your own electronics circuits, you will even be able to master mass producing any electronics circuit that you find useful.

  • Video and Text lectures are included along with the software package that will be used in this course.

  • The course begins with introducing electronic circuit design then lessons for beginners to allow you become an expert, then at the end we will make a more advanced circuit and prepare it for mass production like professional.

  • All what you need for this course is your laptop and headphones.

  • This course is open for comments and suggestions.

  • Why you should take this course, well, because you will learn by doing not by listening and you will become an expert in making your own circuits.


3D Simulation: Microcontrollers, Electronics, Mechanism, PCB

Enter the world of 3D simulation and have fun learning and teaching Microcontroller Electronics, Mechanical and PCB

>>> 3D simulators nowadays are covering all aspects of the electronic design process, in 3D. In this course you will get the chance to explore the wonders of 3D simulation of a limitless range of circuit boards, a 2D circuit design tools, and also PIC microcontroller simulation, testing and programming. <<<

Welcome to this course.

You will get the chance to learn:

  • 3D Electronic simulation and design

  • PIC microcontroller programming

  • Flowcharting

  • 3D PCB simulation

  • 3D mechanisms

  • Measurement

What You Will learn in This Course

  • What is Crocodile Technology

  • Why it is helpful to simulate and design in 3D

  • Download and Install the Software

  • User Interface Introduction

  • Design and Simulate ON/OFF Switches Circuits

  • Design and Simulate Microcontroller Systems

  • Flowcharting.

  • Design and Simulate Simple Led On/Off Circuits

  • Design and Simulate Simple Led Flasher Circuits

  • Design and Simulate Simple 7 Segment Circuits

  • Design and Simulate Counter using 7 Segment Circuits

  • Design and Simulate Motors

This will be a journey of a life time for everyone looking for a new vision in Engineering Simulation, easy to use and really helpful software will be introduced.


PCB Design: Make Arduino Nano using Altium Designer

Learn Printed Circuit Board design by Making Arduino Nano in Altium Designer Software.

>>> Learn Printed Circuit Board design by Making Arduino Nano in Altium Designer Software. <<<

Welcome to this course.

What is this course about:

In This course you will learn from start to finish, from zero to production ready on how to design custom Arduino Nano Printed Circuit Board . It will help you to improve your PCB design skills which will help you to get started freelancing or to get a job in PCB design with Altium Designer since it's the most used PCB design tools


What you should expect after taking this course:

  • Get started PCB design using Altium Designer.

  • Download and install Altium designer.

  • Create your own component library so that you can create your own components that you don't have a library for which will help you freelance online since many jobs ask to create component libraries.

  • Create the Arduino Nano Schematic in Altium designer.

  • Wiring components in Schematic view.

  • Transfer schematic into PCB.

  • Place components on board.

  • Create a multilayer board.

  • Route layers and place components on board.

  • Autoroute to save time.

  • Eliminate design errors.

  • Create Gerber files for your manufacturer.


Who this course is for:

  • Learn basic to intermediate PCB design
  • Have a tech kickstarter idea, that you want to get of the ground
  • Want to create your own custom Arduino Printed Circuit Board (PCB).
  • Want to get a job in PCB design
  • Want to learn Altium Designer in the shortest possible time.
  • Want to get started creating cool gadgets
  • Circuit Designers
  • PCB Designers
  • Circuits Creators


What will you learn in this course:

  • Make PCB with Zero Experience in Electronics
  • Learn basic to advance PCB design
  • Create your own custom Printed Circuit Board (PCB).
  • Route Printed Circuit Board (PCB)
  • Track you errors in seconds
  • Learn Proteus Software, Fritizing and Altium Designer all in one Course
  • Create and design a custom Arduino Nano in Altium Designer
  • Design and Manufacture any PCB that comes in your mind
  • Draw schematic of an Arduino Nano and wire components
  • Create your own custom components and component library
  • Auto route to speed up the routing process
  • Compile design detect and eliminate design errors
  • Define board shape and size
  • Eliminate errors and reduce manufacturing board iterations by Using design rule checker
  • Draw a schematic of your circuit in few simple steps
  • Make A PCB in the shortest possible time
  • Prototype your kickstarter idea
  • Get a job in PCB design
  • Make a professional Printed Circuit electronic board PCB for your circuit.
  • Simulate 3D PCB


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • Time, Dedication and Patience to learn and implement new knowledge.
  • A Computer or Laptop with any operating system
  • The Software that will be used to create the PCB Provided in the first Section (FREE)
  • Basic experience in Electronics
  • No materials required if you only wish to view the course
  • Have A basic Experience in browsing the internet
Learn PCB Printed Circuit Board: A Complete Bundle


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

3 Lectures
  • play icon Introduction 05:14 05:14
  • play icon Who We Are? 05:26 05:26
  • play icon Important Note: Review System
PCB Design and Fabrication For Everyone
11 Lectures
PCB Fabrication
3 Lectures
Altium Designer PCB Design Software Introduction & Getting Started
2 Lectures
Altium Designer
2 Lectures
Creating Component Libraries For Atmega
5 Lectures
Schematic Circuit Design
7 Lectures
PCB Design
2 Lectures
Placing PCB Items
3 Lectures
2 Lectures
Improve Routing - Trial and Error
2 Lectures
Finishing the Board
1 Lectures
3D Simulation & PCB Design
8 Lectures
Proteus Software For PCB Design
14 Lectures
Bonus Lecture: Gifts, Coupons, and More..
1 Lectures

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Ashraf Said

Ashraf Said

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