Learn HTML - For Beginners

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Learn HTML - For Beginners

Lean how to create web pages using HTML

updated on icon Updated on Oct, 2023

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Lectures -40

Duration -2 hours


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Course Description

Students will learn how to create engaging web pages using HTML5, which is an integral part of the development process.

The material covers an intensive array of HTML5 elements including images, videos, lists, tables, forms, iframes and much more.

The course includes several hands-on projects to ensure comprehension of course materials.

By the end of the training, students will be proficient with coding in HTML and ready to tackle the more advanced scripting languages that follow.

Who this course is for:

  • Students who want an introduction into HTML Coding


What will you learn in this course:

  • How to Code in HTML
  • Structure of an HTML Page
  • Text Formatting in HTML
  • Embedding Videos
  • Creating Links
  • Anchor Tags
  • Tables & Nested Tables
  • Building Forms
  • Embedding Iframes
  • Inserting Images


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • Basic Computer Skills
Learn HTML - For Beginners


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

39 Lectures
  • play icon Introduction to HTML 01:46 01:46
  • play icon Basic Structure of a Web Page 03:35 03:35
  • play icon HTML Head Tags 07:59 07:59
  • play icon HTML Body Tag 03:18 03:18
  • play icon HTML Paragraph Spacing 02:57 02:57
  • play icon HTML Line Breaks 02:04 02:04
  • play icon HTML Non-Breaking Space 02:38 02:38
  • play icon HTML Header Tags 01:58 01:58
  • play icon HTML Text Formatting and Decoration 05:15 05:15
  • play icon HTML Inline Text Formatting 02:04 02:04
  • play icon HTML Unordered Lists 02:36 02:36
  • play icon HTML Ordered Lists 02:39 02:39
  • play icon HTML Image Insertion 03:57 03:57
  • play icon HTML Embedding Videos 02:50 02:50
  • play icon HTML Absolute vs. Relative File Referencing 02:00 02:00
  • play icon HTML Link Creation 06:34 06:34
  • play icon HTML Anchor Tags 06:34 06:34
  • play icon HTML Tables 11:29 11:29
  • play icon HTML Nested Tables 06:26 06:26
  • play icon HTML Merging Cells 01:00 01:00
  • play icon HTML Text Wrapping 01:17 01:17
  • play icon HTML Table Background Image 01:11 01:11
  • play icon HTML Table Cell Alignment 00:39 00:39
  • play icon HTML - Introduction to Forms 03:29 03:29
  • play icon HTML Form Tags and Attributes 03:59 03:59
  • play icon HTML Forms - Post vs. Get 02:08 02:08
  • play icon HTML Forms - Input Text Fields 03:51 03:51
  • play icon HTML Forms - Select Menus 05:32 05:32
  • play icon HTML Forms - Check Boxes and Radio Buttons 05:44 05:44
  • play icon HTML Forms - Text Areas and Buttons 05:49 05:49
  • play icon HTML Iframes 04:03 04:03
  • play icon HTML Project - Introduction 01:40 01:40
  • play icon HTML Project - Header 03:33 03:33
  • play icon HTML Project - Callout 03:19 03:19
  • play icon HTML Project - Image Insertion 01:34 01:34
  • play icon HTML Project - Text Insertion 01:23 01:23
  • play icon HTML Project - Links and Form 03:28 03:28
  • play icon HTML Project - Tabular Data 02:23 02:23
  • play icon HTML Project - Footer 01:21 01:21

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YouAccel's Mission is to facilitate a comprehensive online learning environment for students.

YouAccel is a leading provider in online training, offering courses across numerous industries from IT and Development to Business, Marketing, Design, and Productivity.

The e-learning experience provided by YouAccel is Dynamic. Each course is streamed in High Definition with corresponding assignments, quizzes, and exams that are delivered and graded electronically. All YouAccel courses are taught by certified educators that have numerous years of work experience in the field for which they provide instruction.

The courses can be taken at one's own pace and are offered at several levels including beginner, intermediate and advanced. Online courses are also compatible with any mobile device for the ultimate in convenience.

Taking the experience to a new personalized level, live communication with instructors is available through Tutorial Point's online messaging console. All courses come with a certificate of completion and no age restrictions apply.

YouAccel strongly believes that the future of online learning will be through open community based initiatives, where everyone’s voice is equally heard. This is exactly what YouAccel strives to achieve – an inclusive environment for all students and passionate learners.

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