Learn how to use AWS Lightsail Hosting for your Application

The complete AWS Lightsail Series from scratch with examples

Course Description

AWS stands for amazon web services; AWS provides us with web servers, computers, robots, analytics, business applications, storage, management & governance, security, identity, & compliance, internet of things, databases, game development, migration & transfer, media services, mobile augmented reality & virtual reality, networking & content delivery, machine learning, application integration, developer tools, ws cost management, customer engagement, and more.

AWS Lightsail is an easy-to-use cloud platform for creating/designing/developing applications and websites with a minimum monthly cost. Your application or website can be launched within one minute. Why do you utilize AWS..? AWS Lightsail is ideal for workloads that are easier to manage and rapid deployments.

This series focuses on specific services, such as Lightsail and Route 53. We begin with the fundamentals, such as creating the AWS account, verifying the AWS account, the account creation prerequisites, and controlling the Lightsail. You will discover how to install WordPress on AWS, direct your Godaddy domain to your Lightsail server, and utilize AWS Route 53.

AWS Route 53 is also covered so you can quickly learn how to point your domain to your instance. You will discover how to connect your model to the text editor PHPStrom, as well as how to connect your AWS instance to Filezilla. You will learn how to set up a Lightsail instance, configure WordPress in Lightsail, and obtain WordPress credentials.

This series will cover a vast number of topics.

Educational Outcomes

  • What is Amazon Web Services
  • How to create an AWS account and validate it.
  • How to generate a Lightsail instance
  • WordPress configuration in Lightsail
  • Point out your instance to your domain name.
  • How to apply SSL to WordPress Lightsail.


  • What is AWS
  • How to create and verify the AWS account
  • How to create the instance in Lightsail
  • Configure the Wordpress in Lightsail
  • Point out your instance to your domain Name
  • How to add SSL in Lightsail for WordPress


  • Basic knowledge of WordPress
  • Basic Knowledge of Hosting
  • PC
  • Internet
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  • Introduction to Amazon Lightsail OR AWS Lightsail
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Learn how to use AWS Lightsail Hosting for your Application
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