Learn and Gain expertise : SQL, PL/SQL to Web with Oracle APEX

Learn with ease to build web applications with Oracle sql, pl/sql, RESTful web service using Oracle DB & APEX through cloud without any installation.


   Oracle Database, Oracle SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle APEX

  Language - English

   Published on 04/2022



This course provides you will necessary details to develop web application using Oracle APEX ver 19. This course uses cloud version of Oracle APEX version 19, hence no install required.

Oracle APEX is 'plug and play' application development tool to create impressive application of forms and report based tool without use of any web programming. However, for a complex application, it would require to use SQL statement or PLSQL programming through Page designer.  To make learning easier, this course also provides a brief overview about SQL and PLSQL too so that learner need not look at t other source towards learning SQL, PLSQL.

This course provide in depth details about  some of the critical features available with Oracle APEX to build desired web application

There are also demonstration as how sql, plsql can be used in application development in Oracle APEX in Page processing, dynamic action and even email feature of event.

•Overview about RDBMS & SQL

    •What’s RDBMS

     •Entity relationship diagrams

     •Environment for practice

     •An overview of SQLs

     •DDL, DMLs.

•Overview about PL/SQL

    •Code block

     •Different forms of code blocks


•Oracle Application Express

    •Why Oracle Apex?

      •Getting access to environment


     •Building application using Spreadsheet and from Database.

     •Page Designer     

     • RESTful webservices communication between APEX and external world - like IOT device. 

      •Learning through Sample Application & demonstrations

Additionally there are built in Quiz section to test your understanding of Oracle APEX.

Good luck and happy learning

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested to learn building web application using Oracle APEX
  • Programmer and Developers

What Will I Get ?

  • An overview about Oracle SQL statement  and programming using PL/SQL

  • Details about using Oracle APEX tool to create web application

  • How Oracle APEX, LiveSQL can be used to learn SQL and PLSQL without any installation.

  • How SQL, PL/SQL, Email alert and other features can be used in Page designer towards developing Oracle Apex based application

  • RESTful webservices communication between APEX and external world - like IOT device.


  • Some programming experience would be beneficial but not mandatory

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