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Law of Attraction

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Created by Asif Hussain, Last Updated 05-Sep-2019, Language:English


The fundamental principle of Law of Attraction is – Like Attracts Like. A person attracts what he or she thinks in mind. The basic premise of Law of Attraction is based on 3 techniques – Visualization, Affirmation and Manifestation. Visualization means - A person creates a mental image of what he or she wants to achieve in life. Affirmations - Are words, sentences or positive statements repeated every day to attract what is visualized. Manifestation – The process of visualized thoughts and affirmative statements taking a shape and manifested into reality. Meaning – Filling mind with worries and anxieties attract stress and unhappiness. Likewise filling mind with joy and happiness attracts more happiness. Basically the power of mind, thoughts, imagination determines the way a person leads a life.


Students can use the power of Law of Attraction to eliminate exam fears, increase self-belief and excel in studies. Professionals can easily overcome work challenges, improve efficiency and increase productivity. Entrepreneurs can attract more customers and can grow business. Or for that matter anybody can learn simple techniques of Law of Attraction and transform their lives for good.

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