Law Of Attraction Not Working? Use This Method Instead

EASIER AND FASTER: Manifest In 7 Seconds

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What you'll learn in this different approach to manifesting: 

  • No repetitions, affirmations, or visualizations are needed using this method
  • How I stumbled across this entirely different way to manifest what you want
  • Use only 5 words - and 7 seconds
  • How to manifest in a much faster and easier way
  • Stop manifesting alone, as with The Law Of Attraction. 

Hey. Are you having trouble getting The Law Of Attraction to work?

I do. My name is Terje, I am from Norway and I stumbled across a completely different way to manifest what you want.

It is also connected to spirituality and the universe, but still very different.

Instead of you creating by yourself (as with The Law Of Attraction) here you manifest asking for help from your spirit guides.

You have a team of super-powerful friends around you right now. Why not use all the support that's available, right? ;-)

I call it "The Ask Approach". No affirmations or visualizations are needed.

I am really not a spiritual expert or guru. I am just a guy who found this gift, and I really think other people can benefit from it.

In this easy-to-learn, short course I show you everything thing you need to make this work for you. (It is VERY easy...)

AND.....the technique takes just 7 seconds. No repeating is needed.


  • To manifest what you want faster and easier - with the help of your guides. 


  • Being open to that there is more to the Universe than we understand. 
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Law Of Attraction Not Working? Use This Method Instead
This Course Includes
  • 44 mins
  • 6 Lectures
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  • Language English
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