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KNIME Crash Course

Learn Data analysis and Manipulation using the most popular, open-source, and no coding platform.

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Learn Data analysis and Manipulation using the most popular, open-source, and no coding platform. Reinforce all the functions from basic I/O to data manipulations, transformations, and data mining into a single workflow.


KNIME is a software used for creating Data Science applications and services. It is a GUI-based workflow platform. It offers an easy-to-use graphical interface that lets you drag-and-drop several pre-built Data Processing/Machine Learning modules without writing codes.

KNIME not only helps you to understand data and design data science workflows but also makes reusable components accessible to everyone. It enables users to create data flows, execute selected analysis steps, review the results, models and interactivity views. 

What is in Course?

KNIME course provides a Project-Based learning approach where you can learn and implement important concepts, techniques, and activities in KNIME using the Sales data.

You will be moving from simple to complex data manipulation techniques and do end-to-end analysis of data to solve business queries and much more.  This is going to help you simulate everything that you’ll learn in the course of these sessions.

Benefit of Course

  • KNIME is a free, open-source data analytics, reporting, and integration platform
  • KNIME is a No coding, low coding platform
  • Knime will help you implement end to end projects from data to the knowledge level
  • Project-based learning activity that shifts boring, one-way interactivity, and instructor centered environment to student centered activity
  • The modules are prepared understanding the needs and requirements of the learners


  • Everyone who deals with the data on day-to-day basis
  • If you want to pull your data from either your own premise or cloud server databases
  • Anyone into Data Management
  • Anyone into analysis, machine learning and AI
  • If you use a lot of Excel and want to take your skills to the next level
  • If you want to learn basics of KNIME

Jobs you will get prepared

  • Cloud Engineer 
  • Data Analyst 
  • Data Scientist 
  • Software Engineer 
  • Analytics Engineer 
  • Technical Support Engineer 
  • Big Data Consultant

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