Journalists who report Fake news will lose their accreditation !!

Nowadays we read so much news online, especially in our social media, we get confused which is genuine and which is a hoax. There is a whole lot of fake news which is created and circulated deliberately to grab the attention of readers and draw views. Many news may appear to be true but can be very distractive and dangerous too.

Usually, these stories are created to influence people in a wrong way or to grab public attention and divert them from reality. Most of the fake news is propagated by political parties to grab publicity and cause political infusion.

It is a welcome news that Government has taken a step to control this and made some statements on 3rd April 2018.

According to new guidelines issued by Information and Broadcasting ministry, if any complaint about fake news is received, the Press Council of India & News Broadcasters' Association will take action against the journalist who wrote or spread fake news reports.

Any instances of fake news regarding print media can be referred to the Press Council of India (PCI), and if it is related to electronic media it is referred to the News Broadcasters Association (NBA). These organizations would verify and check the genuineness of the news and confirm within 15 days of the complaint.

Once the news is confirmed as fake, the accreditation of a journalist could be suspended for 6 months for the first violation, for one year in case of a second violation. In case of a third violation, his or her accreditation would be canceled permanently according to the stringent rules framed by the ministry.