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JavaScript Data Pagination Code JavaScript ES6 Project Code

person icon Laurence Svekis


JavaScript Data Pagination Code JavaScript ES6 Project Code

Explore how you can create dynamic pagination for data pages using JavaScript. Create clickable links to more content

updated on icon Updated on Jul, 2024

language icon Language - English

person icon Laurence Svekis

English [CC]

category icon Web Development,Javascript

Lectures -13

Resources -1

Duration -49 mins



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Course Description

Scope of this course is focused on applying JavaScript to create Pagination! - You need to have JavaScript knowledge before taking the course.  Concepts covered are focused on a solution.

Learn more about JavaScript and how JavaScript ES6 can be applied to create amazing JavaScript projects.  Course is loaded with JavaScript Examples and perfect JavaScript for Beginners to learn more about JavaScript Online.  Writing JavaScript Code using vanilla JavaScript - no libraries no tricks this JavaScript tutorial the JavaScript Course will walk you through creating your own JavaScript code and provide many JavaScript Code Snippets for use in JavaScript programming.  Learn JavaScript with this step by step JavaScript Course.

SOURCE CODE is included every step of the way

Often asked for by students is how to do pagination - the scope of this course is just that.   Applying JavaScript code to break apart a large number of items across multiple pages.  Then allow for navigation between them

If you have a lot of content pieces and want to provide a way to break them into pages so that users can easy view them, pagination is your solution.  The course covers using JavaScript to first get the data from an API.  Then load the data so that it can then be chunked into more manageable pieces.   Creating multiple pages for user consumption.

Source Code and resources are included to get you started quickly.

Course covers :

  • Setup of HTML and selecting elements using JavaScript

  • Creating fetch request to retrieve API data

  • Loading data into web application from API

  • Creating page content from JavaScript Object

  • Using JSON data as JavaScript Object

  • Loading content from large object array, creating pages of content

  • Creating pagination navigation between pages of content

  • Applying JavaScript for real world applications.

Course is designed to highlight using JavaScript

Start building your own version of the application today!!!!

Who this course is for:

  • Web developers
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about applying JavaScript
  • Web masters
  • JavaScript coders who want to learn more about using JavaScript
  • Anyone who wants to do interesting applications with JavaScript
  • Frontend code writers


  • How to apply JavaScript
  • How to get data and parse it to output on web pages
  • Creating elements on the fly with JavaScript


  • HTML CSS and JavaScript core knowledge
  • Computer Access and Internet Access
  • Use of Web editor and knowledge to setup web development environment
JavaScript Data Pagination Code JavaScript ES6 Project Code


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

Introduction to JavaScript Pagination
2 Lectures
  • play icon Pagination Introduction 01:53 01:53
  • play icon Developer Setup 02:13 02:13
JavaScript Pagination Application from scratch
10 Lectures

Instructor Details

Laurence Svekis

Laurence Svekis

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