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Java Programming For Dummies. The Complete Course

Created by Karthikeya T, Last Updated 16-Sep-2019, Language:English

Java Programming For Dummies. The Complete Course

Java programming core concepts for beginners. Complete end to end curriculum

Created by Karthikeya T, Last Updated 16-Sep-2019, Language:English


  • You should be able to know how to use a PC


If you are a beginner/intermediate Java Programmer, then congrats, you found a Gem. There is no better place to learn Java than my teachings! Because I invested my heart and soul to make these videos. Just take a look at few of my videos and you will understand.

If you an experienced java developer, this course would be a great refresher. Just sit back and enjoy watching.

Why My Course Is Special:

- Special care is taken while structuring the course. Your precious time will not be wasted. Content is as original as it can be. 

- I correlate complex concepts with real world around you. There by you can understand a very complex concept in simple and fun manner. 

- Everything that you see in any video were entirely hand crafted by me. Videos are made in simple and natural manner, that you are used to. No annoying funky graphics used. 

- We have trainees from all over the world and so our instructor accent must work with everyone. Our instructors are neither too fast nor too slow, but would also maintain a neutral accent.

Course Content

Karthikeya T

Java Technologies Expert

I have well over a decade of experience in the Industry and to the most part, I've work on Java and Related technologies. I've switched between many jobs, experienced many cultures and technologies and been mentoring many projects since then. One of the things that I am absolutely passionate about, is 'Teaching'. I just love it. Because, my students like my way of teaching. I can explain very complex concepts in easy to understand manner.